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Tarot is a wonderful tool for personal growth and introspection, as well as divination and building community and fellowship.

Join us for classes, workshops and other events in South Florida, as well as occasional webinars and online events.

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Your Tarot Major Arcana Life Map

Dream Angels Spiritual Metaphysical Shop

The procession of events and conditions depicted in the 22 cards of the Major Arcana are often referred to as “The Fool’s Journey”. Every life story has a version of this journey. In this class we will explore the details of the Major Arcana against the map of your own life to help you discover more about your own life path and give you information on how to achieve your highest good. Every class presented by Mary Ellen features lots of hands-on practice exercise so that everyone gets a chance to read. (One bonus of the class is that as a result of the practice exercise, participants receive a free mini-reading from one another so be sure to come to class with questions!) Please note that if you are new to tarot there are plenty of decks that you can borrow. Cost $25 or $20 prepaid To register please call Dream Angels at[masked]

Cards and Conversation Tarot Meetup

Panera Bread

Tarot enthusiasts of all levels of experience are welcome to join us for readings, conversation, study, exercises and tarot fun! It’s free to attend. Bring a tarot deck or borrow one at the meeting. Website Event Details: https://www.christianagaudet.com/events/2019/7/14/cards-and-conversation-tarot-meetup Eventbrite Reservations: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cards-and-conversation-tarot-meetup-tickets-61694461796 For more information visit https://www.christianagaudet.com.

Psychic Gallery with Christiana Gaudet

Center for Inner Wisdom

Join Christiana Gaudet for an evening of exploration, answers and wisdom. Those who have attended Christiana’s galleries in the past have been amazed by her insight, accuracy and connection to Spirit, as well as her humor and perspective. The energy of sacred space, and the energy of a group united for a single purpose, can create the perfect environment in which to receive powerful messages. In a gallery with Christiana, each person receives pertinent information and insight. Group members hold space and support each other, and benefit from hearing and witnessing every message. Ticket price is $30, seating is limited. Register now! More Information: https://www.christianagaudet.com/events/2019/7/17/psychic-gallery-with-christiana-gaudet Buy Tickets Now on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/psychic-gallery-with-christiana-gaudet-tickets-61696761675

Intuitive Development and Divination Workshop

Dream Angels Spiritual Metaphysical Shop

Bring your favorite oracles, pendulums, crystals, psychic tools and tarot decks for this hands-on exploration and development of your own psychic skills. Using meditation, breathing techniques, and other proven protocols discovered and developed over a 25-year career, tarot professional Christiana Gaudet will help you unlock the secrets of your own abilities. In paired exercises and in self-reading exercises, you will try your hand at a variety of psychic techniques to help you learn to connect to Spirit, your own intuition, your tools, and the wisdom of the Universe. This workshop is appropriate for everyone, from curious beginners to professional readers. Seating is limited. Tickets are available from Dream Angels. More Information: https://www.christianagaudet.com/events/2019/7/25/intuitive-development-and-divination-workshop RSVP at Dream Angels: http://www.dreamangelsonline.com/

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Tarot as a Life Tool

The Jamar Enlightenment Center

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