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Update - November 2020

Dear South London Board Gamers,

We wanted to reach out to you and give you an update on South London Board Games.

Given the current COVID restrictions, and the risks COVID poses, we are going to forgo Face-to-Face meetings for the foreseeable future.

The COVID crisis will end, and when it does, we will return, though potentially in a different way. In the meantime, the Discord and the Meetup will remain live. If anyone would like to arrange something using the platforms, please let us know, and if possible, and safe, we will help.

Additionally, there has been a boom in digital board games across all platforms. We are looking to create a Virtual Meetup to embrace these, but the high cost of many of these games makes that problematic. The Organizers will try and come up with something in the coming weeks/months.

Until we can meet again as usual, please keep safe, and remember you are not alone. SLBG will return.

The SLBG Organisers
Update - Spring 2020

In light of the outbreak of COVID-19/the Coronavirus, WE ARE GOING TO CANCEL ALL FORTHCOMING SESSIONS OF THE MEETUP. This was not an easy choice for us to make, but we believe it is the best way to keep everyone safe and healthy. We are not sure when we will restart, as this situation may rumble on for a long time. BUT WE WILL RETURN. We love gaming, and we are proud of the community that came together after Kyle founded the group all those years ago.

In the interim, while we will not be running groups, there is the Discord Server (https://discordapp.com/channels/523866954726113282/523866954726113284), which, if you haven’t joined already, you can join via this link (https://discord.gg/DY4wXFA). This should allow us to keep in touch, arrange ‘virtual meetups,’ and maybe play some video games together. We will also keep the MeetUp running for the foreseeable future.

Regarding the Coronavirus, please keep an eye on local guidance, but also the World Health Organization’s page (https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019) on it.

We aren’t going anywhere, and when we can, we will meet in person again. In the meantime, please keep an eye on the Discord Server,

Stay safe, and if you can, keep gaming.


South London Board Games Organisers

Kyle, Nick, Rich, Ed, Olley, Nick


In normal times, we are a regular volunteer-led board gaming night that meets in and around South London (specifically the Brixton, Clapham, Balham area). Most of the places we meet are typically pubs, which serve food.

We hope to offer a place where you can come learn, play and even teach games, some that you know, and some that are new to you.

Our members supply the games, so please bring any along that you have and really want to play. But don't worry if you don't have any - there are always a few of us that get excited and bring along more than we need!

The games we bring change from week-to-week, covering a wide range of different games, from party games (Werewolf, Secret Hitler, Bang!...) to co-op games (Pandemic, Dead of Winter, Mysterium...) to competitive games where you are trying to beat out your opponents in an all-out quest to victory (Ticket to Ride, Concordia, Great Western Trail).

We're a really friendly group - everyone is welcome especially if you've never played these kinds of games before. There is always someone on hand to explain the rules to a new game.

Upcoming events (1)

Fractured Realms: An Afternoon of D&D and Board Games!

Needs a location

NOTE: this is a partner event with Alchemy Gaming, run by South London Board Games member Benedikt. Please use their forms to register! Thanks! Kyle


We welcome you to join us for an afternoon of D&D and board games! Fractured Realms is an intimate and immersive space to come and run your own campaign, or to join us for Aeternum, a series of pop-and-play one shots perfect for both veterans and newcomers to the hobby!

We will also have a small library of our most popular board games available! (Full list below).

We do not charge for entry but will be accepting donations to help cover the costs of securing the space and to help us run future events.

If you plan to join the Aeternum campaign for a session, please register here: https://www.meetup.com/tabletop-gaming-london-by-alchemy-gaming-cafe/events/285984586/

We will be running from the Outsider Tart @ The Lyric, more info below!

Aeternum - Booking and more info:

If you are looking to join the Aeternum campaign for a session, you will need to register at the attached event (link below.) This is because we only have a limited number of spaces available per session.

If you are registered, please attempt to arrive no later than 3:30, otherwise, we may have to begin the session without you.

'Beyond the unseen veil, the Black Library awaits. A nexus of infinite possibilities, and our last defense.'

Aeternum is a series of narrative-driven, self-contained adventures across time and space, bound together by an unraveling mystery. Aeternum has been written to accommodate both returning players and those looking to drop in for single sessions.

A few important considerations if you are looking to join us for a session:

Whilst the campaign has been designed to be beginner-friendly, please ensure that you are at least familiar with the core rules for 5E. We will have a copy of the Players Manual on-hand for those looking to learn, but we cannot guarantee that someone will be available to provide a full tutorial of all the basics.

We will have a number of pre-rolled character sheets available, but you are also welcome to roll your own Level 4 character! Please ensure you have your character sheet ready prior to the session starting, as we will not be rolling characters at the table.

This campaign is strictly 18+

For more info regarding the background of the campaign and booking, please see the attached event:


More info for all attendees:

We have partnered with Outsider Tart to provide coffee and authentic American baked goods and will have our own menu of soft and alcoholic drinks along with snacks! For more info please see the following link: https://lyric.co.uk/our-home/eat-and-drink/

We kindly ask that guests do not bring in food and drinks from outside the venue.

Our small curated library of board games includes:



Hey, That's My Fish!

King of Tokyo






7 Wonders

Ticket to Ride



Tiny Epic Dungeons

Stupid Deaths

Trial by Trolley

Time Stories

Happy Little Dinosaurs

Munchkin (Delux and Zombie)

Magic Maze





Whilst this is a D&D-centered event, we welcome players to run their favorite TTRPG with us! We do kindly ask that all players be aware of their noise levels and to try to avoid disrupting other games in progress wherever possible.

We hope to see you soon!


Past events (122)

Last Friday @ Impact Brixton.

Needs a location

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