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A meta-initiatory group study of esoteric philosophy, folk magic, and modern applications of occult technology. This is a group intended for active participation and friendly discourse.
As a group, we will read books in one to three month cycles, meeting online to discuss contents and takeaways. Upcoming titles include:
Holy Daimon by Frater Acher
The Book of the Law by Aleister Crowley
The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey
The Poetic Edda translated by Jackson Crawford


Q: What do we mean by "meta-initiatory"?
A: "Meta" (awareness of reference to group or self identity). "Initiation" (a continuous process of evolution). This term describes an environment for self-realization and improvement that arises out of the action of study and discourse.

Q: OK great, what is "discourse"?
A: Quite simply, this is a two-way conversation in which which both sides think critically. You can support and defend your opinions with facts and logic, while remaining open to a change of opinion.

Q: So how does this work?
A: The group will be given a book suggestion to read. Note taking on what you find useful or disagreeable is encouraged. On a monthly basis we will schedule an online round table to discuss our findings.

Q: Can you share PDF sources?
A: Supporting authors is a worthwhile goal. We do not condone piracy. Asking for or sharing pirated material will be cause for immediate and permanent removal from the group. Every effort will be made to select affordable books for group study.

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