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Pack Walk in the Park!
Hi everyone! Please join sweet us for the Pack Walk in the Park, an opportunity to get some exercise (for you and your dog) and socialize with other dog owners (non-dog owners are welcome, too!). ***** Strollers recommended - the walk is fairly long for the little ones, and the weather is hot, so a little doxie ride in the stroller is welcome every so often during the walk **** We will walk the two-mile loop of newly paved pathways for walking, jogging, skating, and biking. Plants to attract butterflies have also been placed along the park’s northern corridor. TY Park requires all dogs to be on a 6' leash (no retractable / flexi leads) at all times. TY Park's admission fee is $1.50 per person (ages 6 and up) After you enter the park through the toll booth, take your 1st right turn & park. You will see a red & white sign with a picture of a butterfly that says "Listen to Nature! Please turn down your radio." We will meet in this area and start walking at 9 AM (please arrive by 8:45 AM and allow time for entry, parking, etc). The Seminole Indian name of this 150-acre urban park, Topeekeegee Yugnee, means “meeting or gathering place.” T.Y. is well known for its shady picnic areas, numerous shelters, and a gazebo. I hope you can make it so that dachshunds can walk as a doxie pack : )

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At the South Florida Dachshund Meetup Group you meet fellow dachshunds near you who gather for play dates and camaraderie. The events are at fenced dog parks, public parks, or indoor play areas for off-leash play, with an occasional beach or water park field trip, and even seasonal parties and restaurants! All small breed dogs are welcome to join as Honorary Doxies. You are welcome to come to the meetups, even if you don't have a dachshund.
*** THIS GROUP IS NOT FOR BREEDING AND/OR SALE OF DOGS. Members who use this group for breeding or sale of dachshunds will be removed.***

We support the rescue and adoption of dachshunds. If you’d like to "test drive" a dachshund, we have information on how to be a foster parent to wiener dogs that were rescued from the shelter. For more information:


We also support DARE:

and Get a Life Pet Rescue:

Intervertebral Disk Disease is a common condition in dachshunds. It can cause pain, dragging of the back legs or even paralysis. To learn more, please visit our sponsor's website: (

They are south Florida's experts in neurological conditions and treat more Dachshunds with back or neck problems than any other hospital in south Florida. They also treat all of Dachshund Rescue of South Florida's dogs with neurological conditions.

You can also learn everything you need to know about Intervertebral Disk Disease in Dachshunds by texting DACHSHUND to 442-22.

Thank you for being a Doxie Lover, and we hope to see you at the next South Florida Dachshund Meetup!

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