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SPACE4 is home to a community of technology activists and social innovators. We’re a hub for the generation of progressive ideas, organisations and individuals and encourage collaboration amongst our members. We host a wide range of events, including training in digital skills and ethical business development. You can find a rolling schedule on our website. (https://space4.tech/)

Located 2 minutes from Finsbury Park station, we also offer both affordable workspace and room hire, with multiple price plans available dependent on your circumstances. Find out more how to book a room or work from SPACE4: https://space4.tech/workspace/

Some of the topics we cover in our short talks:

Social Media

Community engagement & wealth building

How to do basic coding

How to use Mailchimp

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Intro to Google Analytics

Intro to Design Sprint

Career Development Webinars/workshops

Digital Business/Marketing skills

Everyone is welcome. Check out our website for more information. (https://space4.tech/)

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Upcoming events (4+)

Doughnut Economics in Finsbury Park: Exploring the models

Needs a location

In this workshop, members of the London Undergrowth peer group will run a series of activities that introduce attendees to some of the core models of Doughnut Economics.

We'll spend time focused on one or two of the models that attendees identified in the introductory workshop. You don't need to have attended the previous workshop to attend this session – we will assume zero knowledge of Doughnut Economics.

London Undergrowth is a peer-learning group based in Finsbury Park. Over six months, the group is aiming to explore the ideas of Doughnut Economics at the scale of the neighbourhood, street and household.

Workshop facilitators:

John Ridpath
John is hosting the London Undergrowth learning journey. He is an independent technology consultant, writer and educator. John works with startups, businesses and government to ensure that digital products and services are meeting the needs of wider society.

Nicky Dunlop
Nicky Dunlop is a consultant, project manager, facilitator and entrepreneur with a focus on projects and organisations that aim beyond profit and deliver outcomes that improve our communities and planet. Her interest in thinking “circular, not linear” and wanting to positively impact her local community brought her to join the Doughnut Economics Neighbourhood peer group, where she hopes to improve connection and agency in her local neighbourhood, creating a regenerative culture of community sharing and restful green spaces.

She is driven to build communities where people feel more empowered, aligned to their values, and ultimately take positive action in the issues they care about. This brought her to co-found ActionAble - a social enterprise activating and empowering a wave of changemakers through cohort-based coaching, practical courses, and interactive events.

Nicky previously worked for 10 years in sales and operational strategy in leadership roles in the retail and corporate travel industry, before transitioning to a more purpose-driven career via On Purpose, an impact leadership programme.

Matteo Menapace
Matteo designs cooperative games and facilitates playful workshops for people to tackle real-world challenges. Previously games designer in residence at the V&A in London, he is currently co-designing Daybreak, a board game about tackling the climate crisis at a global scale.
Learn more at ma.tteo.me

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Coops as a Tool for Racial Justice

Needs a location

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Cooperatives have a rich history and legacy in communities of colour in the UK, with the first cooperatives being formed by the Windrush generation. This workshop led by Decolonising Economics will explore this legacy of cooperative development as a political and economic strategy that supports the aims of building a racial justice economy.

What to to expect from this workshop:

  • Understanding the history and legacy of cooperative development in BPOC communities
  • Understanding how building cooperatives is a strategy to support racial justice
  • Understand how to support and work alongside BPOC communities to develop cooperative and collectively owned assets as part of your own organising

About us
Decolonising Economics is led by Nonhlanhla Makuyana and Guppi Kaur Bola, a small collective working to build a solidarity economy movement that is rooted in racial justice principles. Our work is inspired by a long history of resistance by BPOC communities who have been building alternatives to the extractive capitalist economy. The collective emerged as a response to the white dominant culture and practice of mainstream “new economy” organisations in the UK. We seek to transform the practices and culture of the new economy movement towards just transition principles, alongside an investment in the leadership of BPOC communities.

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Sustainability for small business– where do we start? 

Needs a location

**“**Sustainability” – now, more than ever, it’s influencing consumer habits; investor choices; employee preferences; and donor requirements. What’s more - laws are increasingly requiring organisations to be sustainable. So…of course you want to be sustainable – but what does that really mean for small businesses, charities and organisations?

Join us as we go beyond tote bags and keep-cups, to look at the “why?” of embedding sustainability into your organisation; and the first steps you can take to help you get there.

The session will include step-by-step guidance for writing a credible Sustainability Policy, that reflect your business needs and priorities.

Outline Agenda*

  1. I’m interested but overwhelmed: What even is sustainability?
  2. But we’re so small: Why should we bother?
  3. This feels like a lot: Where to start?
    (Spoiler: governance; process; practice – in that order)
  4. OK, we can do this: Where to from here?

*Please note this agenda is a guiding outline; content on the day may vary, according to how the design of the workshop evolves.

Facilitator Bio

Claire Lynch is a trainer, educator and sustainability practitioner with over 15 years’ experience working to make international supply chains fairer, safer and generally better for workers, consumers and the planet. Her passion is in harnessing power to create positive change.

She runs a boutique “responsible business” consulting agency (clairelynchconsulting.com) based in North London, advising and training businesses, small and large, on embedding, implementing and monitoring responsibility and sustainability across their operations and supply chains.

She holds an LLM in International Human Rights Law; and a BA in International Relations; and is a trained SA8000 social auditor. She also has an irrational devotion to woolly jumpers.

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Image Unsplash Francesco Gallarotti

Values and value chains

Needs a location


Join us for a session to better understand the values and planning tools that cooperatives support

## About this event

Cooperatives uphold a set of values about the economy and these values work best when they are practised through the cooperative’s buying and selling activities. This course will introduce participants to the planning tools that can be used to deliberately align a cooperative’s values with how it buys supplies and sells services and products.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course participants will:

  • Understand the values that cooperatives support

  • Have developed a plan to align the values of the cooperative to its purchasing and procurement processes

  • Have tools to deliberately use values as a marketing and sales strategy

This workshop is part of the Cooperate Islington project & funded by Islington Council.

Douglas Racionzer, who will be facilitating the workshop, is a social entrepreneur with a personal imperative to engage communities to dream and flourish, organising with them and empowering their lives. He has years of experience working with economic development programmes and is currently working as a community development manager on Gillett Square in Hackney.

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