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We hope that you are safe, and please stay safe wherever you are. #StayHome #QuédateEnCasa But, that doesn't mean you can't still practice your language skills and meet new people, online.

Spanglish Exchange is holding FREE language exchange events English/Spanish online on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

The events are held on Zoom. Registering for the event will send the Zoom link to your inbox and helps us keep the events as even as possible with English and Spanish speakers.

Questions? Email: johanna@spanglishexchange.com

How does Spanglish work?

See the FAQs below! Still have questions, ask in the comments section below!

FAQsQ. Okay, I’m a little confused. Exactly how do Spanglish events work?A. It’s super easy. At check-in you will be assigned a "bilingual break-out room" in Zoom. Once the rotation begins, you will be moved to a break-out room with a native speaker of the language you wish to practice. After five minutes of conversation (each pair chooses the language it wishes to start in), a coordinator will announce a “language switch.” After five more minutes of conversation in the other language, the coordinator announces a table switch, and it’s on to round two.

Q. My native language isn’t English or Spanish. Can I still attend?A. Many of the people who attend Spanglish live events are French, Swiss, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, etc…If you’re participating as an English speaker, an intermediate level of English is necessary however all levels are welcome.

Q. I’ve taken a class or two, but I’m still a beginner. Will this be a problem?A: Nope. Whether you’re perfecting your slang in preparation for a trip or you just want to make sure you can count from 1-10 correctly, Spanglish is a place where people of all levels can practice with a native speaker.

That’s Spanglish!


Spanglish Exchange Code of Conduct

Spanglish is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender identity, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, or religion (or lack thereof).

Keep in mind, we are a group of language learners from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds, that is what makes Spanglish exciting!

We do not tolerate harassment in any form. Sexual and offensive language and imagery are not appropriate for any event. Individuals that do not abide by these rules will be asked to leave and, if necessary, prohibited from future events.

If you have any questions or you're made to feel uncomfortable by anyone at our events, please let one of the staff members know right away. The matter will be taken seriously and promptly addressed.

ZOOM-ICT, Please...Allow everyone the chance to speakIf you are in the main room and not speaking, mute yourselfIf an issue arises, private message one of the coordinatorsIf there is an issue in your room, return to the main room and inform the coordinatorAnd remember, have fun and allow for others to have fun too!

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FREE Virtual English/Spanish Language Exchange

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