Rafael Marañón — Trends in Auto Tech — SPb Python / ODS / IT Talk

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Rafael Marañón (CEO & Founder, Wavyn) talks on "Trends in Auto Tech"

The adoption of self-driving cars will be an evolutionary process. Trust on the technology by the customers won’t happen overnight. Also, there are more than a billion cars on the road today with an average of 11.6 years that are not using yet any type of driving assistance technology. In this talk, Rafael Marañón will discuss the current trends and on-going efforts of bringing different types of autonomous features to new and old cars.

Rafa is currently building technologies for autonomous vehicles. He is very passionate about designing products that change the world we live drastically. He is the founder of the MIT Social Media club, and a former employee of Amazon and Cisco in Silicon Valley, where he built and shipped global products to millions of customers.

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