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This is a discussion group based on the book "Education of a Guardian Angel (The Training of a Spirit Guide)" by Annie Stillwater Gray. Group members will discuss the underlying principles contained in her book, which include how spirit guides are selected, trained and how they work with their assigned human beings, the Spirit Guide Creed, the hierarchy of beings in the spirit realms, karma, reincarnation soul contracts and many other interesting concepts. Group members who have existing experience with communicating with their guides may choose to share their own unique experiences.

The underlying theory is that these "invisible" helpers or allies, of us humans, can help us to struggle less with daily living. We can learn to pay more attention to our "internal voice", "gut feel" or "intuition" which our Guides can access. We can also learn to identify meaningful synchronicities that are placed before us by our Guides, as a way to offer us advice and suggestions that will benefit us.

The plan is to meet two or possibly three times over the period March to early June 2016, followed by a live session here in Toronto with Annie Stillwater Gray on the evening of Tuesday, June 14, 2016. In the final session, Annie will teach how to contact and work with your own Spirit Guides. If time permits, she may do a few readings. There will be a charge for the Group meeting attended by Annie, though those details are yet to be determined and will depend on the level of interest. Long-term plans include the development of a Spirit Guide course.


Past events (4)

Meet-up to Discuss Annie/Darci's "The Dawn Book"

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Meetup #3: Annie Stillwater Gray Meeting in Toronto

Condo Party Room - 51 Trolley Cres., Toronto ON

Meet up #2: Discuss Additional Concepts About Spirit Guides

Condo Party Room - 51 Trolley Cres., Toronto ON

Discuss the Basic Concepts About Spirit Guides

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