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What we’re about

Learn to hear more from Spirit and use those powerful messages to transform your life. Find and love your authentic selves. Release trauma and joyfully express who you are. These are our group's passions!

Increase your lunar energy. Discover personal growth rituals. "Level-up" your divination chops. Divine your astrology gifts and challenges. Joyfully celebrate diverse spiritual paths.

If you're eager to raise your spiritual energies and learn to love yourself -- and Spirit -- more deeply, you'll find useful information at our activities, guaranteed!

If you've ever felt like you don't belong, wondered whether it was safe to publicly express your spirituality, worried that your Starseed origins made you too different, or in general longed to find a community where you can truly be yourself, I hope you'll check us out!

I'm your organizer and cosmic tour guide, Robin Pool. I've been exploring my spiritual path for more than 30 years and have coached thousands of clients on theirs. I love divination, astrology, and generally anything that makes me feel more spiritually connected to myself, the Divine, and my fellow beings. You can learn more about me and explore my spiritual coaching on my website,

To preview my style, check out the class Hearing Spirit's Whispers I taught for Valorie Lewis's Tarot, Unicorns, and Coffee meetup:

For event replays and tutorials, check out my Youtube channel Spiritsaid Astrology at

I hope to see you soon!

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