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Lots of opportunity to join a singing group that suits you! Whether a drop in/pop up style choir or a serious and committed performing group, a fundraising focus or just for FUN, we’ve got something for everyone all laid out in a winning formula that will keep you LEARNING & LAUGHING all year long!

❤️ Bi-monthly BIG Sing Saturday’s at The Labyrinth downtown!

❤️ 2 x 15 week seasons of community choir for mental health!


❤️ 3 x 6 week Yoga-sing sessions In the Labyrinth downtown

❤️ FREE ONLINE VOICE TRAINING! sing-out-loud.com


Come and find out why so many travel from Squamish, Bowen Island, Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey, & Delta to tap into this BIG LOVE! And why so many core members refer to SPIRIT’s Call Choir as their "happy place". http://www.spiritscallchoir.ca

EVERYONE IS WELCOME whatever your musical ability. No skills are required to join - just a desire to participate and sing for fun!

SPIRIT'S CALL CHOIR is the choir that wants everyone to sing - because it’s good for your health, and the health of our planet! http://www.spiritscallchoir.ca

VOICE INSTRUCTION from university educated vocalist who knows if you can talk, you can sing! Don’t think you can? We'll teach you how. If you’re already a strong singer, you can serve as a section leader and jump in to the many opportunities to improvise and accompany on ukuleles, guitars, keyboard, drums, & percussion!

SING FOR CHARITY - We raise money and awareness for charities that are dear to our hearts. Spirit's Call Choir Winnipeg raised over $200,000 over the 8 years that Jeremy directed their 170 voice choir. We want to do the same thing here in Vancouver! Help us make it happen! Last year we had 65 members - come join the FUN! It's a win/win!

UPDATE: We raised $6000 the last 2 years for our 2 local charities! In our first year we raised $1900 for The Syrian Refugee Project; that's $6900 in our first three years! WAY TO GO TEAM!!!

LEARN A VARIETY of REPERTOIRE - We LOVE and believe in purposeful singing, so all of our lyrics are positive and bring a state of peace and joy. We are "spiritual, but non-religious". Our goal is to elevate humanity with our voices so we sing all styles and from all cultures (including our own). Popular contemporary songs from artists such as Joni Mitchel, Neil Young, Paul Simon, Jason Mraz, Eva Cassidy, Jive Aces and groups like The Doobie Brothers, Supertramp, Simon & Garfunkel, and The Beatles as well as beautiful folk songs from around the world including: South African, Scottish, Gaelic, English, Irish, Persian, Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, you name it! We LOVE DIVERSITY! And so sing every style you can imagine: Latin, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Rock, Classical... if it's got powerful words and a beautiful or fun melody... we will sing it, and we will sing it together in glorious HARMONY!

EACH 15 week SESSION offers you a choice of 2 rehearsals each week (either Tuesday evenings at Pemberton Heights Community Hall or a second rehearsal option on Wednesday evenings downtown Vancouver at St. Paul's Anglian Church). We repeat the same rehearsal every other week so choristers only need to attend once/week, but if you want to run through more of repertoire for extra practice and socializing all are welcome to come to both rehearsals!

VALUE: Our choristers say we're the best deal in town! It works out to $14/week! That's $7/hour if you come just once/week or only $3.50/per hour if you attend both practice options.

BONUS: Each session also offers 1 concert & at least 1 social event (coffee house with performances by choir members who strut their stuff, karaoke party, bbq, flash mob, last year we made our own video!)

Our first music video!

Meet the CO-DIRECTORS: click here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTK8ocMPaCA)

Jeremy and Sandi met at the renowned Community Choir Leadership Program in Victoria in October 2014 where the seeds for this choir started sprouting! Their vision to build a loving and joy-filled community through inclusivity and experiential learning has become a reality!

Jeremy Vallance, BMus, BEd brings his passion and expertise as a TV Personality & Producer, and Choral Director from Winnipeg where he directed the 170+ voice Spirit's Call Choir for 8 years. It is our hope to build up a choir to this size here in Vancouver!

Sandi Melody brings her passion for contemporary voice and "Education Through Experience". She received her training in both classical and jazz voice at VCC and Capilano University. In 1993 she started Harmony House Music Studio (now Harmony House Training & Education Centre) where she created a personal leadership program through music to serve students of all ages. Her vision was to offer the same musical learning opportunities that she received through post secondary school - namely a weekly private lesson and a supportive "master class", to regular community folks. But she made it even better by including monthly goals leading up to real life performances with a professional back up band. There are now close to one hundred HH students that grew up in the Harmony House family who became working professional musicians, and who attribute their success to Sandi for planting the seeds and nurturing their passions.

Though Sandi specializes in teaching contemporary vocal technique and she is passionate about training students of all skill levels, her biggest LOVE is working with advanced small vocal ensembles and creating arrangements for them like this: click here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9cyXkFzTmU)

Sandi & Jeremy recently created a FREE VIDEO SERIES entitled:
FOUNDATIONS, Healthy Vocal Technique for Singers and Speakers.
(Get lifetime access at no cost: click here (https://www.sing-out-loud.com)),

Click on the links below for more on what Harmony House has to offer
including Sandi's newest class Yoga-sing (http://www.harmonyhousemusicstudio.com/yoga-sing/)!

http://www.harmonyhousemusicstudio.com & YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/user/HarmonyHouseStudio) & Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/harmonyhousemusicschool)

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Spirit's Call Choir - 2nd Wednesday rehearsal - FREE TO TRY!

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Spirit's Call Choir - 2nd Tuesday rehearsal - FREE TO TRY!

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Spirit's Call Choir - 1st Wednesday rehearsal - FREE TO TRY!

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Spirit's Call Choir - 1st Tuesday rehearsal - FREE TO TRY!

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