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I'm so happy you have found us! This group was created so people can connect with their tribe. Like-minded friends who are the same as you, awakening spiritually while juggling the commitments of work and family. Life can easily become too fast and too busy - these events and gatherings offer regular time out and a focus of light to help you regain your balance.

Each month there will be a range of meditations, workshops and spiritually focused events. So no matter what happens during your week you know that some peace-filled, retreat space is available for you. There is a large community of like-minded souls in this area and through these gatherings so many people are meeting their soul family.

Events are suitable for any level of experience. Each group is supportive, healing and offers you an ongoing level of spiritual teaching. Which you can then use to support your energy/stress/connection levels in daily life. If you feel the push to connect more spiritually, expand your knowledge, and find your people - you are in the right place!

The Organiser - Hi, my name is Debbie. I landed on my conscious spiritual path about 16 years ago and have been on fast forward ever since. My biggest passion is to bring people together and share sacred connection. It may be in a meditation group, sacred circle, workshop or during a trip to a sacred site or into nature. These moments in time create so much light - not only for the individual but also for our extended community.

I believe that Everyday is Sacred….

My passion is to help people understand, work with and manage their energy - in the physical & non-physical realms, supporting them in connecting to the sacred within. During the events we may work with The Ascended Masters, Angels, Spirit Guides, Soul Family, Animal Spirit Guides, Crystal Oversouls, The Goddess, Elementals, Crystalline frequencies/Rays.

As we connect in a group with our teams of light and call in more support, you will find that this creates a bridge of light that makes it easier for you to connect and receive their help each day.

The energy & teaching you experience through these events will support you in changing the way you receive & react to life. As you open, heal & raise your vibration life will shift to mirror your new level of light. It's a beautiful & profound journey, one you are not meant to take on your own.

Your tribe is here….I hope you will join us…

Happiness & Blessings




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Campbell Park

I warmly welcome you to join me on a group meditation walk around Campbell Park this Saturday morning. It will give you the chance to move your body, get some fresh air and connect with the Elemental energies of this beautiful space within the heart of MK. Milton Keynes has over 5,000 acres of parkland, waterways and woodland. It has over 22 million trees within the city boundary. Now that's a lot of nature spirits, elemental beings, faeries and nature guardians to commune with! During this walk we will be guided to the special places within the park that hold the portals and light for the unseen realms. In meditation we will open to invite a connection, to gain guidance and also an understanding of their role here. My aim is to support you in awakening to the beautiful elemental realms, creating a sacred space for you to hear and see on a deeper level. This meditation walk is open to everyone. To complete meditation beginners through to more advanced practitioners. Please bring a blanket to sit on, a water bottle and a journal to make notes. Warm sunny weather is forecast but do keep a check, waterproofs may be a good idea if it is changeable. MEETING UP We will start the walk from outside Costa Coffee (the outside entrance) near John Lewis in the city centre. Please arrive on or before 10.30am. There is plenty of car parking options nearby. Please do join us for tea/coffee and chats on our return later. TIME 10.30AM - 12.30PM ENERGY EXCHANGE £12 Payable via bank transfer or PayPal in advance. See you for some magical connections on Saturday Debbie x



If you feel the call to take your spiritual practice to the next level and incorporate healing energy into your life then the Reiki 1 Attunement may be perfect for you. It is a wonderful way to start the journey of self-healing - helping you let go of anything that is blocking you from moving forward into a calmer, more confident and balanced new way of life. TIME EACH DAY - 10am - 5.00pm COST - £175 Reiki is an ancient form of hands-on-healing that originated in Japan and came over to the west in the late 20th century. Although Reiki is now widespread throughout the world, with many practitioners giving healing, it has never been just another therapy. Reiki is a profound Spiritual initiation that opens up your natural healing channel and takes you on a deep and powerful journey of awakening. The attunement process is a gateway to opening up to your own divinity and brings awareness of the sacred within all life. WHAT IS REIKI I Reiki I is the first of three levels of attunement you can take. It is focused on self- healing and developing the healer within you. To be a healer you must be able to heal yourself and understand the importance of self-development. You will learn how to awaken your healing abilities and gain an understanding of how Reiki works within the body and whole energy system. The weekend will be a gentle introduction to Reiki. You will have time to learn about this beautiful healing system and how to experience the 'new you' in it. TWO DAY WORKSHOP WITH ATTUNEMENT You will receive the Reiki 1 Attunement. Learn about the history and principles of Reiki. Learn about grounding, energy protection and centering. Healing ethics, karma and respecting each persons healing journey. Your development as a healer and what to expect. How to use the energy in your life, with your family, children and pets. How to give a self-healing treatment. How to give a Reiki healing to another (each person will get the chance to give a treatment). How to balance chakras. How to clear negative energy. How to develop your own self-healing practice. If you are ready to open up to the healing path and commit to living in a greater level of light then receiving the Reiki 1 Attunement will be the natural next step for you. On completing the two day teaching and attunement you will be presented with a certificate, manual (to support your learning going forward) and a print out of your own personal attunement lineage back to Dr Usui. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT YOU CANNOT GAIN INSURANCE OR PRACTICE AS A REIKI HEALER UNTIL COMPLETING YOUR REIKI 2 ATTUNEMENT. Drinks and snacks will be available throughout the day Please bring something for lunch to share. Please contact [masked] for booking enquiries and payment details. Please get in contact if you would like to book but need another available date. Regular midweek dates available. PLEASE SHARE INFO WITH ANY FRIENDS YOU THINK MAY BE INTERESTED.


GATHERING OF HEARTS CEREMONY THE MAYAN DAY OUT OF TIME THURSDAY 25TH JULY 2019 THE MOON COVE -AVEBURY STONE CIRCLE MEET AT 10.30 TO START AT 11AM You are invited to a sacred gathering of the heart - to honour our collective journeys through the stars to this point & share the light of the New Earth rising. As we share in meditation, sacred sounding & prayers the intention of a new way – a world of community, love, acceptance & peace. Calling in the Guardians of the Stones, each of our Star Origin connections & the Elders of this beautiful Crystalline Light Temple. This day has been marked as a day of celebration & gathering in the community for hundreds of years. It was a “day out of time” on the Mayan calendar, as the old year closes on the 24th but the New Year doesn’t start until the 26th. A day released from the constraint of time! It is seen as a day of miracles, a day when anything can happen. A powerful moment to stop the momentum of life, gather & offer a shared intention of love into the collective. We will be meeting outside the Henge shop (on the High Street) at 10.30am & then walking together to the Moon Cove to start the ceremony at 11am. This gathering will be a space for you to step out of time – please stay as long as you like after the initial ceremony. We will be sharing a group picnic & walk around the stones. It will be space for you to immerse yourself in the healing energies of the group heart-light. Please contact if you have any questions. See you within the magic of the stones & the stars… Debbie x


Needs a location

EARTH MOTHER-SOUL SISTER GATHERING 2019 QUIET EARTH ECO RETREAT, PEMBROKESHIRE, WALES Are you craving a deeper connection with yourself & with life? Are you ready to take a sacred pause with a group of beautiful soul sisters? Are you ready to hear the wisdom of your body & the wise council of your soul in a whole new way? Do you already hear the call of a greater plan for your life & are ready to receive its divine message? The Earth Mother – Soul Sister Gathering will be a special retreat into the sacred heart of what it is to be a woman. A journey through the profound cycles we experience & grounding into our own unique presence within the sacred feminine. A time to walk in wild nature – across windswept moors, visiting ancient stone circles, tree lined valleys, waterfalls with moss covered rocks, endless remote beaches that call you to connect with the power of the ocean. In these sacred temples in nature we will be communing directly with our sacred Earth Mother. Hearing her wise guidance & feeling her loving embrace. It is in these pure moments of connection we find clarity in our own life & a deep healing occurs. As we wander & ponder in a dreamy summer haze we return to our childlike innocence & in this our profound connection to our oneness with all nature. In these spaces we reclaim our joy & playful nature, our lightness of heart & the true remembrance of our gifts. OUR BEAUTIFUL WOMB TEMPLE HOME We will be staying at the award winning Quiet Earth Retreat on the Pembrokeshire coast near Cardigan. A stunning two-story straw bale cob house that won the Grand Designs Top Eco House in 2008. The house was built by women for women, as a place of retreat & reconnection. It has crystals built into the foundations & walls. This is truly a temple space – the house & land have an immense presence. Just being there offers a deep connection to the pulse of the land. The house is off grid, powered by the sun & wind. It’s water sourced from a local spring. It was built with light in mind, so the rooms are bright & lit by the sun & moonlight at different times of the day. It will make the perfect sanctuary for us to gather & rest. What to expect… - Daily guided meditations, - Deep listening together with Mother Earth – hearing her wisdom through the soil, crystals, water & plants, - An honoring of our cycles as women, - Daily silent meditation in the temple house & in nature, - Medicine Woman Circles, - Elemental connection meditations, - Walks in nature to visit local waterfalls, remote beaches, ancient woodland & sacred sites. - A Cacao Ceremony evening, - Drumming in nature, - Oracle time for journaling, angel cards, inner listening, - Connection with the Whale & Dolphin Wisdom, Stone Elders, Tree Beings, Faery Realm, Elven Ones, Dragon Wisdom Keepers, - A release & letting go of ancestral karmic patterns, - A reconnection to your own soul blueprint & all the wisdom it holds, - Play time at the beach, - Lots of fun & laughs & that special magic that happens when women gather. There is also a potential Dolphin & Whale watching boat trip for the group if agreed, arranged nearer the time. The bay is home to Bottlenose Dolphins, Grey Seals, Basking sharks, Orca & leatherback Turtles. We will be looked after by our Vegetarian Chef Jeanette, who will be serving us three meals each day all made from fresh organic local produce. Please let us know about any dietary requirements when booking. BOOKING Due to the depth & intimacy of this sacred work, I have decided to hold space for a group of only 6 women this year. It was also a calling from the house & the voice of our Earth Mother there to call in this number. I am honoring this guidance & excited to see who hears her call. If you are called please email me on [masked] to discuss more details. EARLY BIRD PRICE - £895 Full price after 1st March 2019 - £950 Deposit £450 to secure your place. Terms & conditions apply.

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