What we're about


We meet to discuss all spiritual myths and facts as they relate our understanding of GOD and how it affects our wealth health and spirit.

Our topics are;

• The Power of The Spoken Word

• The Master Key System - Your Key to Success -Power comes from within, he is weak because he depends on the outside.

• The Healing Energies of Music

• The Teachings Of PTAHHOTEP - The Oldest Book In The World

• Precious Stones - Their Healing Power and Planetary Influence

• Numerology - Discovering The Inner Self

• Symbols And Their Hidden Meanings

• The Mental Causes For Physical Illness and The Metaphysical Way To Overcome Them

• Khamitic Spirituality, The Sacred Women and the Laws of MAAT

• Clear Your Chakras Energy Centers) - Balance Your Life

• Kirlian Aura Reading Equipment-Confirms Your Balance or lack of

• Pranic Healing

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