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What we’re about

Who should join your group
People looking to build their spiritual community and gain greater understanding of their own gifts and abilities within the spiritual realm

Costs will vary from $10 and up depending on the event.
KarenDC is the founder of Zento Healing,

What your group is about and what you'll do at your events
This group is for people looking for greater spiritual awareness, learning and building of community.
We will be having gatherings to get to know each other and build a better understanding of where you are at and heading on your spiritual path.

Kind of things we will be doing within this group.

Woo Woo talk over coffee with KarenDC - Gathering to talk and connect with like minded people and to help you with questions that you may have regarding where you are on your own individual path at this time. Raising your awareness and vibration to help you to leapforward into 2023 and achieve all the things you desire and more.

Spiritual teachings from KarenDC with her more than 50 years experience of being a Spiritual Teacher, Healer, & Channel.

Karen Dominguez-Cavin is a 4th generation Native American Healer, Medium, Channel and Spiritual Teacher. For over 50 years, Karen has dedicated her life to guiding others on their spiritual journey using her many gifts and talents, including medical intuitive scanning, clearing, healing and balancing both your physical and soul chakras. Karen soul purpose is helping others to reconnect with their own inner Light and wisdom. She is very down to earth and has that Mother Earth energy about her so you feel like part of the family when connecting with Karen.

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