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The Sacred Light Fellowship is an Interfaith Metaphysical Fellowship.
It is dedicated to psychic and spiritual development which is available & unfolds in all human beings at the right time & in the right place!

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The Fellowship offers an ongoing class

1) "Psychic & Spiritual Development and The Path of Inner Transformation " Class (Sundays at 5:30pm)
This class is taught by Rev. Daniel Neusom http://www.danielneusom.com and will be an in-depth study of psychic reading, healing & developing further your clairvoyant abilities. Through Rev. Neusom's channel The Holy Spirit of God and The Angels of Healing and Transformation come through to guide the class and invoke Grace through prayer and meditation to faciliate deep clearing and emotional release. Through deep meditation you will connect to your Spirit Guides, Angels & Master Teachers. You will open your psychic energy centers balance your chakras and be given techniques to transform the consciousness and energy within that creates pain, suffering, struggle and lack. The donation is $20.00 per session.

2) "All message service & Healing Meditation" Class (Fridays 6pm)

Rev. Daniel Neusom will guide a healing mediation followed by channeled answers to your specific questions. The message service will be provided by Rev. Daniel Neusom. The donation is $5.00 per question.

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