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REIKI SHARE- every monday EXCEPT first mondays
Thank you for your interest at H.O.W.L. Awareness Center. We are a non profit organization with over head and several expenses. We are run by volunteers and request everyone treat H.O.W.L. as your home, with respect love and cleaning after yourselves and each other. If something spills or needs cleaning please alert Dominique, Cindy, Angello or Doug and they will direct you to any cleaning supplies/tools. Enjoy your share and welcome to our Reiki School. WE ARE NOT OPEN THE FIRST MONDAY OF THE MONTH- We are run by vonlunteers and this allows our cubs to have balance in their lives. REIKI MAY (We are also a Reiki school) *Increases energy levels *Creates deep relaxation and helps the body release stress and tension *Clears the mind and improves focus *Accelerates the body’s self-healing ability *Aids better sleep *Reduces blood pressure *Helps relieve pain *Assists the body in cleansing itself from toxins *Supports the immune system *Helps spiritual growth and emotional cleansing *Promotes creativity *Compliments any medical treatment Reiki- Is a form of healing that originated in Japan. It uses the body's own electromagnetic field, to redistribute, add, retract energy from various places in the body. A certified practitioner is taught how to work with this energy to promote harmonious states & well being within the body. This is done by the practitioner opening a channel of energy with their palms. They then are able to observe the energetic field to find disharmonious current. A block of current, surge of current can disrupt our body's natural electrical flow. This disruptions can be created by different stresses in our everyday lives. Reiki can be used in conjunction with any other kind of medical treatment you are receiving. You may tell the practitioner prior to your sessions what you would like to work on. They Use a very light touch or no touch onto a fully clothed person to induce this energy into the field of the recipient. NO TALKING IN THE ADYTUM (TREATMENT ROOM) Practitioners,Masters and Students will be present for this clinic/share. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like and talk to other people present that receive this treatment on a regular basis in our common area. Please do not arrive later then 7:30pm. If there aren't many people we do close early. [masked] pm 6901 Castor ave. Castor and Longshore Free Parking on Castor after 6pm any day of the week. Hours of Operations M,T,W,T 3-7pm Contribution for this event is $10 [masked][masked] With your suggest gift of $25-50 a month we invite you as a monthly CUB member. We invite you to our Re-occuring events Recharge Mondays & Wind down Wednesdays. Recharge Monday's Event- Reiki Healing shares (closed on first Monday's) Wind Down Weds. Events- Meetup & mingling/Library/ Weekly Guided Meditations 10% off any Crystal Purchases of 30$ or more 10% all private sessions such as, Reiki, IET, Mineral Touch, Channeled readings. 10% All other Classes and workshops taught by Dominique Rivera ALL MEMBERS HAVE Private use from 3-7Pm of library and common space M.T.W.T. (restrictions may apply) A great time to use your resources or have a meeting of like minded new friends. over 100$ VALUE!!!!!

HOWL Awareness Center

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Living life consciously figuratively means that you have awoken out of a deep, unconscious dream and realize that a huge fraction of your actions were dictated by external influences, habits and your subconsciousness. The state of living conscious means that you are now the one who makes his very own choices that come from deep within yourself, but it also means that you start questioning negative behaviors, actions and habits and substitute them with more positive ones. Consciousness gives you an amazing sensation of control over your life and your situation, which is very motivational and empowering.

Basically, living more consciously is all about making more thoughtful and deliberate decisions, without being affected by our subconsciousness, habits, society and the environment you life in. It is about knowing what your purpose in life (

is and the realization how to live your life in order to be happy, without living in the past or worrying about the future. 6901 Castor Ave. H.O.W.L Awareness Center Store Hours. M.T.W.T. 3-7 Pm Mineral boutique and wellness

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