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Welcome to my beautiful space here where you can explore your spiritual path with me. I was first aware of Spirit when I was 10 years old, followed by an out of body experience a few months later. I have always been aware of my grandmother who passed a year after I was born but the older I got, the more I felt her presence. I was also aware of my other spirit guides who were always there to help me develop but I struggled to accept my spirituality as it was a huge contrast to the more corporate life I was pursuing. My parents were incredibly spiritual and involved me in their meditation, yoga and other spiritual pursuits. I had my Kundalini awakened and blessed by a number of outstanding gurus from India at a very young age. I used to meditate and lucid dream where I would receive messages and guidance. I resisted a lot of this because I was afraid and despite being so open to spirit, I feared them so I ended up closing myself to these experiences. It all changed for me a few years ago when I had my second HUGE awakening and changed my life forever and for the better. It was a revelation and everything made sense. I ended up training under the likes of Tony Stockwell, James Van Praagh, Doreen Virtue, John Holland and other amazing mediums. I continue to learn and develop my gifts and I am not arrogant to think I know everything! I am a certified Doreen Virtue Angel Oracle card reader and a few other certificates but end of the day its just paper. It is how you work, the changes you bring about and your integrity that matters.


I run regular workshops to teach people who are struggling with their spirituality to understand, develop and experience the possibilities. My workshops are NOT for anyone who want to take one course and work as a medium or psychic. There is no INSTANT or quick way to learn. This is the very first steps and I will put you in the right path of inner journey, self discovery and spiritual expansion. Once I feel you are ready, then I will recommend the courses to take you further down the path. My Psychic and Mediumship workshops are very unique and full of nearly 34 years of life experience and working with spirit. They are very structured, warm, friendly and supportive. For anyone who attends my workshops, you will be invited to a private online group where you can continue to learn, share and meet like minded friends.

As a full time Psychic Medium (http://angela-mitchell.co.uk), I offer private and group psychic or spiritual readings in my therapy room and events in Maidenhead, London, UK and Europe. I am also a full qualified Integrated Energy Angelic therapy healer (http://angela-mitchell.co.uk/tag/integrated-energy-therapy). You can also combine your reading with a spirit portrait (http://angela-mitchell.co.uk/psychic-art) which involves a mediumship reading and sketching the face of the spirit contact. I am passionate about writing about my experiences and sharing spiritual insights, through my popular blog - www.angela-mitchell.co.uk (http://www.angela-mitchell.co.uk/)

I have a very honest, warm, caring and approachable attitude which puts people at ease. I am not your typical "spiritual" person and very much a "keep it simple" person who you can relate to. I have a deep desire to help people overcome the fear of spirit, spread a better understanding of the spirit world, teach people to use their intuition to improve their lives. I have seen a number of people who have attended my workshops or readings, shift so many things in their lives and are leading a much better life. It is incredibly humbling to be part of someones change.

My workshops and events will uplift, bring about a change, clarify and bring new like minded friends into your life.





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