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We all know that German is a very difficult language. But what would happen if we all worked together and helped each other to improve it? This is the perfect event for those who are eager to improve their German level and meet new people in Berlin. What's more, it's already Spring, so why not go outside and have a drink with people who might think like you.

The methodology is simple. The idea is to create a group of people with common interests and gather every Sunday in a different place in the city. It could be a park, lake, bar or anywhere else where we can have fun. There will probably be some learning games so we can improve our levels. So, be ready to participate, give feedback or contribute with your own ideas. You don't need to have any specific level, just come along willing to speak German. Kein Englisch bitte.

Price: Kostenlos! However, since this is a group event, you are required to bring at least some snacks or drinks to share. Spend 2 or 3 euros on it and bring something. We will have a type of picnic.

You can also bring any type of material that has helped you to improve your German; books, texts, copies, games, apps etc. By doing so we can all share our ideas to help with our studies.

So, pack your bag with energy to learn German and we'll see each other on Saturday!

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