Teams Community Finland 19.8. Online tapaaminen #TeamsFi

Office 365 & SharePoint User Group Finland #SPUGFI #TEAMSFI
Office 365 & SharePoint User Group Finland #SPUGFI #TEAMSFI
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Teams Community Finland Online tapaaminen #TeamsFi

15:00 Vesa Nopanen, MVP (Innofactor): Uutiskooste Teamsin kesästä: mitä uutta, mitä tulossa, miten tulevat yksityiskanavat tulisi ottaa huomioon

15:20 Karoliina Kettukari (Digital Illustrated): Johdon sitouttaminen muutokseen

16:00 Guillaume Meyer, MVP for Office Apps & Services: Building Production Ready Apps for Microsoft Teams, level 200+
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Building mockups and prototypes is fine, but when it comes to designing real-world, production-ready Microsoft Teams Apps, some new interesting problems arise. This session is a technical feedback "from the trenches", the story of building a brand new AI-Based product for Microsoft Teams, from start to finish, from zero to the Microsoft AppSource Store, and will cover:
- Microsoft Graph API (Authentication, Caching, Throttling…)
- Persistence and Analytics
- Live monitoring and performance management
- Microsoft Stores approval process

[masked] Finland, Helsinki (Toll)
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