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Brainfood Talk: Data-Migration Approaches for Legacy Modernisations

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Brainfood Talk: Data-Migration Approaches for Legacy Modernisations


Monolithic legacy systems typically operate on top of monolithic data stores. These datastores exhibit characteristics like their business-logic counterparts: tight coupling and unclear ­­­ownership. When applying Strangler Fig to modernize a monolithic legacy, the underlying data store can become a major obstacle. To truly decouple a Strangler application from the legacy system, the required data must move as well.

In this talk, we highlight the underlying concepts of data ownership, data replication, and consistency and we discuss what to consider when moving data reader-first or writer-first as well as uni-directional or bi-directional. By drawing on our experiences from transformation projects we also touch on the organizational implications of data migrations.

Taking these dimensions into account turn data migrations from challenges to significant boosts for transformation initiatives.

With Christoph Havlicek

Livestream incl. Q&A, April 14th, 2023 - 12:00-13:00 CET
Looking forward to seeing you there!

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