X-Files Game Night


Join us for a night of X-Files fun: We'll watch three episodes of the show and play two rounds of a board game.

We have two X-Files games to play, and we'll probably split the room in half to play both at once to accommodate more players.

One game is Legendary Encounters: The X-Files Deck Building Game. If you've played any of the other Legendary games like Marvel, this should be familiar, but it's easy to learn if not.

The other game is the official X-Files board game from 2015. We don't have the expansions, but the core game offers plenty to do.

We'll watch one classic episode ("Humbug") and two modern episodes ("The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat" and "Rm9sbG93ZXJz"). If people want to stick around even later for more of the show, we can do that.

Pizza will be served. Please bring $10 and let me know in advance if you like any particular kind. We'll have water and diet soda, otherwise BYOB.

Seating is limited to 9 people. If you'd like to join this and there's no room, please comment and I can schedule a second night of this so that more people can participate.