Let's make a retro game in 30 Minutes! (in PICO-8)

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Let's make a retro game in 30 Minutes! (in PICO-8)

- Learn game design from someone who's never done profession game design!
- Learn the basics of basic Lua! (programming language)
- Learn the basics of Entity/Component/System framework for games!
- Watch a pictionary flunky draw horrible pixel art!
- Watch a former middle school drummer compose music!
- Play real games while ignoring the guest speaker!
- Donate thousands of dollars for the inevitable kickstarter failure!
- Leave the talk knowing your kid could do a better job! (And learning how to get them setup to do so!)

* After every meetup, we head over to the Oly Taproom for an hour of social time.

Be sure to join us on Slack and join the conversation! Follow this link to join us: http://bit.ly/SSDUG-Slack

P.S. Please comment on your favorite retro game you'd like to recreate. We'll decide at the meetup.