Lightning Talks


Lightning Talks - This is an opportunity for 7 individuals to share a programming topic that they are interested in. Each presentation will be 12 minutes.

Currently, the schedule is open. Go to for instructions on how to get signed up to present. The list below will be updated as people signup.

# Name Title Short Summary
1 Wm Leler - How Flutter has revolutionized software development
2 David Haymond - How to host your workstation's config files on GitHub
3 Jamie Phelps - The Humble console, A tour of Javascript's console
object, on the web and in NodeJS
4 Matthew Parsons - PoSH & Sticky. Beginning powershell for non-
beginners. Tiny pieces of gold.

* After every meetup, we head over to the Oly Taproom for an hour of social time.

Be sure to join us on Slack and be apart the conversation! Follow this link to join us: