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SQL Server Indexing Strategies and Introduction to Columnstore Indexes

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SQL Server Indexing Strategies:
Proper indexing reduces costs, improves performance, and mitigates blocking and deadlocks. This presentation will review SQL Server index architecture and examine a strategy to optimize indexes supporting OLTP, reporting, and mixed workloads.

Introduction to Columnstore Indexes:
Columnstore indexes are a different paradigm compared to traditional b-tree indexes, often providing orders of magnitude performance improvement for large scans common in reporting/analytical workloads. This presentation reviews columnstore index concepts and operational considerations.

Dan Guzman is a database professional with over 30 years of experience in administration, development, and solution architect roles. Dan is active in the SQL Server community, answering questions in online forums (Microsoft Q&A,,, and speaking at events on Microsoft data platform topics.

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St. Louis SQL Server and Business Intelligence User Group
St. Louis SQL Server and Business Intelligence User Group
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