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Disaster recovery Panel discussion

Photo of Julie Bloomquist
Hosted By
Julie B. and Murali S.


Teams Meeting: Link

Bring your questions for a panel discussion on disaster recover.
Items discussed: High Availability options, Backup/Restore considerations and more ...

Dan Guzman
Dan's been using SQL Server since version 4.21 was introduced on Windows NT and has over 30 years of database administration, development, and architect roles. He answers questions on StackOverflow, StackExchange, and Microsoft Q&A forums, speaks at user group meetings and conferences on database topics, and has received 18 Microsoft Data Platform MVP awards since 2001.

Jonathan Fite
Jonathan Fite is currently a Senior Database Administrator and SQL Developer for a nationwide student transportation company. In his past life he has been a consultant, application developer, IT support, Windows Administrator and baker. He has over 20 years of experience working with computers and specializes in making SQL Server go faster and making computers do as much of his job for him as possible. On the weekend he spends time with his wife and two young children.

Julie Bloomquist
Julie is a Senior SQL Server DBA at SSM Healthcare in St. Louis and founder/Co-Chairman of the St. Louis SQL Server User Group (STLSSUG). Julie has worn a variety of hats from Programmer to IT Director during her 40 year (ouch!) career working with relational databases. Julie's hobbies include tinkering with Bonsai trees, playing Viola with the University City Symphony and romping with her dog Sox.

William Stanley
Bill is a long term supporter of the St. Louis SQL Server User Group and has worked in various roles during his extensive IT career.

Photo of St. Louis SQL Server and Business Intelligence User Group group
St. Louis SQL Server and Business Intelligence User Group
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