• WordPress Hack night

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    This is the first meetup in awhile. Let's meet and discuss any WordPress related questions you have. Please RSVP so I can expect how many people are coming.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Blogging for Profit

    Stamford Innovation Center

    I started my freelance web design business in 2011 and realized quickly that I could attract new clients by blogging. In the first year I billed out a little over $100,000, the majority of revenue coming through online leads. In the years since I've had the privilege of consulting with high traffic blogs, built my new personal development blog (http://clintwarren.com), monetized my email list, and now receive 20-30 leads per month which translates into tens of thousands of dollars in potential new business. In this talk, I'll walk you through a step by step process that I learned through taking over $10,000 worth of courses, meetings with mentors & gurus, and years of trial and error. Whether you're blogging for passion, blogging for profit, or blogging to build your business, this is one talk you can't miss. You'll walk away with an understanding of: • How to setup your blog • How to create a rock solid editorial calendar • Secret tactics to drive TONS of traffic to your site • How to convert visitors into subscribers by building your email list • How to create and sell digital products on your site I respect your time so I'm going to skip the fluff and get straight down to what works, which tools work best, and back everything by actual case studies. I guarantee this will be one of the most informative blogging talks you've ever seen.

  • Be Your Own HR Department

    Stamford Innovation Center

    Congratulations! You’re ready to hire your first employee. Before you take the plunge, prepare yourself. Laura Jacob discusses the legal and business hurdles faced by small businesses during expansion. Create a “people plan” and learn about what to do before you start hiring, the difference between an employee and a contractor, how to cultivate job culture in your employees, how to manage staffing, compensation, performance, and much more. Register here (http://www.eventbrite.com/e/be-your-own-hr-department-tickets-12403512239?aff=instructorpromo)

  • Six Figure Sales Process (Part 2): Developing an Endless Stream of Clients

    I spoke last month about my blueprint for sales that has helped me double project rates, no longer lose deals to competitors, and build my freelance WordPress business from 16k/yr to well over 16k/month in a little under three years. Based on feedback afterwards, one of the most common questions was: • How do I find more prospects and convert them to paying customers? In this presentation I'll show you exactly how I do it. I'll hold your hand through an aggressive outbound and inbound marketing and sales strategy that lets me pick and choose who I want to work with and when... I'll show you how you can apply this model to any consulting business and build a huge sales funnel of qualified leads.... I'll guide you through a system I've pieced together through tens of thousands of dollars of sales training, mastermind groups, and mentorship. If you're serious about turning your freelance 'hobby' into a freelance empire, you can't afford to miss this presentation. As always, I'll be raffling off some prizes at the door. See you there!

  • 6 Figure Sales System for Consultants

    Stamford Innovation Center

    Over the past 3 years I've watched my consulting business grow from a freelancer pulling in $16,000 / year to now billing out well over $16,000 / month. I credit much of that success with an ability to quickly build rapport, position myself as a valuable resource, and effectively sell. But I didn't always know how to sell...... I learned. I studied, practiced, and systematized the entire sales process from prospecting, qualifying, discovery, the presentation of the proposal, to close. I reached out to mentors, bought courses, implemented what I learned, then fine tuned the procedure every time. In this talk I'll walk you through the most effective sales process I've found for web consultants and freelancers in general. You'll walk away with documentation of my internal sales procedures, questionnaires, prospecting tactics, cold call scripts, and other 'secrets' I'm eager to share. If there's one talk that can immediately impact your business, this is it. I guarantee that if you implement even 1/4 of the strategies I outline in this presentation, you'll start lining up bigger projects and weed out the 'tire kickers' more effectively. Leave a comment below and let me know what some of your biggest challenges are in sales, and I'll address them directly in this presentation..... be well, Clint

  • Deliver your best...on a budget

    Stamford Innovation Center

    In a perfect world, clients would offer a substantial budget with which to build out their site projects every time. In the real world, we hardly ever have that luxury. Using a real world client project as an example, Wordpress consultant and professional web developer Jeff Fox walks through the process of using Wordpress and customizing pre-built themes as a method for delivering a premium and client maintainable web site product, all on a tight cost saving budget."

  • Local SEO for WordPress

    Stamford Innovation Center

    Over the past few years Google has merged your website with your Google+ Business page and Google Local listing. If you are a local business or service local businesses, it's essential to have an understanding of 'local SEO' - marking up a website so that Google recognizes it as a local business and properly categorizes it. Doing this manually can be a hassle, thankfully there are WordPress plugins that can help the process!! In this presentation I'll cover everything I've learned over the past year about optimizing a website for local search, including: • How to setup and properly categorize your Google+ Business / Google Places page • What factors influence local search results • The best WordPress plugins for Local SEO impact • The importance of online reviews and how to build systems to streamline the review process • How to synchronize your local listings (Yelp, Yellowpages, Superpages, etc.) • How to package and offer this service to clients

  • Responsive Design In WordPress

    Stamford Innovation Center

    It's absolutely essential if you're building a website these days to have it display properly on all devices. 'Responsive design' - building a site to adapt to any type of device, have come a long way over the past few years. While some of the strategies for implementation have changed, the core principles have not. This talk is an overview of what responsive design is, how it works, and different approaches to implementing responsive design in WordPress. I'll cover content for all skill levels, show several case studies, and explain some of the lessons I've learned working on responsive sites over the years.

  • BuddyPress with Boone Gorges

    Stamford Innovation Center

    BuddyPress is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to build a social network within your site. Who better to present on the topic than Boone Gorges, lead developer for BuddyPress!! More details will be announced shortly.

  • Build a Plugin From Scratch w/Chris Carvache of New Leaf Web Solutions

    Join us on August 27 at the Stamford Innovation Center as Chris Carvache, Founder of New Leaf Web Solutions, teaches us how to build a simple plugin from scratch. Presentation Summary Attendees will learn how to create a WordPress plugin from scratch. Actions and Filters will be covered with a heavy emphasis on WordPress actions. The plugin will allow users to insert a block of HTML code into an action hook of their choice. This will enable the users to easily add code to themes in a desired location without having to edit parent theme files, or creating child theme files. Also, the plugin will create an additional body class using filters indicating that the plugin is working and active on a particular page allowing for additional CSS styling if desired. This plugin is intended to be useful to developers of ALL skill levels. * A basic working knowledge of PHP will be required for attendees to get the most out of this presentation and will not be covered. Learning Outcome At the end of the presentation, users should be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of the following concepts How to setup a plugin for development Identify the difference between WordPress action hooks and filters How to use action hooks and filters How to create a settings page in the WordPress admin How to properly interact with data in the WordPress options table Appropriate PHP commenting and documentation Appropriate PHP code nesting promoting user readability About Chris Carvache Independent WordPress Developer / Consultant by day, musician by night. Chris Carvache has been a Web Developer for the last 7 years working at great firms such as Prudential Connecticut Realty and Northeast Web Design before starting New Leaf Web Solutions in early 2012. Working with the belief that every client can harness the power of the internet to better their business, New Leaf Web Solutions creates WordPress based websites that are easy to interact with for the end user and offers business owners a powerful marketing tool to reach out to their audience. According to http://smarterer.com Chris Carvache is a WordPress expert scoring a 740 out of 800. http://smarterer.com/Straplocked