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What we’re about

This is a meeting for Believers that are considering starting a new business or want to build, better manage and protect their current business. We will cover everything from how to start a business, file all the correct papers, find products and locations, set up your social media accounts. A popular subject will discuss is "Out of the Box" marketing techniques.  We will review your existing business for improvements we see during our review. We will give you the tools to be successful.

Each participant will get a 112 page action guide that is an abridged version of Darrell's 600 page, "Business With A Purpose."  The chapters included in the 600 page guide are:

Business with a Purpose has thirteen information packed chapters:
1) Introduction
2) Overview of Small Business in America
3) Some Basic Christian Principles for Business
4) Relevant Thoughts from Great Minds
5) Do You Really Want to be an Entrepreneur?
6) What Business Do You want to Start?
7) The Business Plan and Operating Your business
8) Forming Your Business
9)Financing Your Business
10) Keeping Track of Your Business
11) Creative Thinking in Business
12) Growing Your Business
13)Risk Management