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Founder Walk & Talk

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Founder Walk & Talk


Founders need support from other founders

Founders helping other founders with the simple goal of just helping out, quid pro quo baby

Peer to peer founder support

I've been doing founder walk & talks in downtown Portland now for well over 5 years now

A great way to get outside, suck up some fresh air, and walk with a founder, hear their struggles, and hopefully offer a helpful idea or two, make a connection or just offer feedback. Also, get feedback on your biggest startup challenge from someone with an outside perspective that is really trying to help you

I also share with founders, while I've been starting companies since 1989 (never written a business plan, and all cashflow positive in less than 90 days) I do my best to offer the best guidance to other founders I can. BUT, everything I share might be totally wrong for that founder. That is always the case with advice from anyone. Take it in, evaluate it, mull it over, then decide what might work for you. Be open, but be mindful

Founders, please come with this in mind. Know what your biggest current challenge in the moment is, and what two or three things have you done to try to solve that challenge. Know how to articulate that as quickly and as clearly as possible and your walking partner and you will spend half of your walk exploring different solutions to addressing your challenge. Then be ready to get creative and get ready to reciprocate as you brainstorm various possible answers to their biggest current problem. Please spend the first half hour of at the coffee meeting a lot of people, and then find someone you seemingly "vibe with" the most, someone you've not met before, and that's your walk and talk partner for the day. A one time deep dive chatting about both your biggest current problems walking with a peer.

We're gonna meet at a Deadstock Coffee on NW Couch and grab a cup of joe (9:00am)

Then we're then gonna pair up (9:15am) - Please pair up w/ a founder you've never met before, not just an old chum

Round 'Em Up, Head 'Em Out (9:30am)
Then we're gonna walk in a line, two by two, like some kind of weird Noah's Arc, to SW Washington Street, then to Tom McCall Waterfront Park, then to SW Clay, then to SW 12th, then back to SW Washington, then back to the coffee place

Suggested Walk & Talk simple format

Once you start walking, founder #1, outline your biggest current challenge and explore ways to solve it w/ your walking partner

Once you hit SW Clay, founder #2, outline your biggest current challenge and explore ways to solve it w/ your walking partner

This is about an hour walk, wear comfy shoes

In that time, you will have given help to a founder and received help from that founder

Sooner or later it all gets real

Walk on, walk on

Be well

Startup Your Startup
Startup Your Startup
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