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Welcome! We are connected startup founders and investors.

We provide a variety of startup and entrepreneurship funding and investment programs for all entrepreneurs who want to succeed, along with other free services of startup coaching and mentorship, as well as pitching events.

We bring founders and investors together to help startups and small business to raise funds and grow the business. We organize events for crowdfunding.

We have established partnerships with other funding organizations, angel groups, incubators and accelerators, technology investment and advisory firms. We have built an effective platform for entrepreneurs with complementary skill sets to connect with each other, facilitating the initial funding processes. We help entrepreneurs by connecting startup founders with different kinds of financial resources, facilitating collaborations and partnerships, and providing resources to accelerate technology and business success.

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Want to start your startup? Sign up for incubator/coach/investor private meeting

[Courtesy Notice: This is only an online email communication reminder. No physical meetup for this event] If you want to start your startup, please sign up for a private meeting with your incubator, mentor or investor now. We prefer startup teams with a solid pitch deck to contact us. But we also welcome any entrepreneurs, no matter whether you have simply an idea, or just want to join another startup team, or have already a solid business plan. We encourage any startup teams at any stage to come to talk to us. Please do not hesitate and sign up for a private meeting to talk to us for any of the following reasons: • You have a startup idea; you want to start a business; Or you want to join a startup; • You wish to build up a startup team; You want to find technologists or domain experts; • You have already a core team, but you want to get professional opinions or seek helps from entrepreneurship mentors; • You have a business plan and you want to find investors; • Your startup needs supports such as fundings, incubation or acceleration services; • Your startup seeks for demo and other opportunities; You want to set up partnerships. We are more focused on AI, VR/AR, IoT, mobile, internet and software, but we welcome any kinds of startups of any industries. Submit Your request for private meetings with incubators, entrepreneurship mentors, startup fund investors as well as domain experts, we will arrange a private meeting for you. This is going to be a private meeting, not a public networking event. In order to set up a private meeting for you, we will need you to contact us by sending your inquiries to [masked] and please include in the email an brief introduction about yourself and the projects / products you are working on so that we can arrange the most qualified experts for you.

You can easily invest in startups and become shareholder

Dear all, Yes everybody can invest in startups now, starting from as little as $50, and become shareholder of the startup companies. We are proudly joining our partner Pie Capital's AUTOVET™ Funding program. Please feel free to email us at [masked] to receive more information or sign up for a brown bag meeting. And in fact it is so easy if you check directly the web page https://svce.org/pie for all the details. Happy investing!

Startup Entrepreneurship Networking Mixer

Keller Williams Realty Office

Dear entrepreneurs, business owners, startup founders, engineers, developers, hackers, investors, students and all professionals, please come to our startup entrepreneurship networking event. This is an event open to everybody who wants to meet entrepreneurs, business or technical partners; or to learn new technologies and innovations. There are tremendous business and entrepreneurship opportunities in our networking mixer events. No matter what you plan to do, creating or joining a startup, dating business or technical partners, acquiring top talents or finding a dream job, or simply attending a high value social networking event, you are very welcome to join our event which is open to anyone in Silicon Valley.

Want to start a tech company and get funded?

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[Courtesy Notice: This is only a friendly online email communication reminder. No physical meetup for this event] Dear entrepreneurs, startup founders, technologists and professionals, We are happy to offer you opportunities to build your next tech startup company. We will help you get customers and market shares. And you will be funded as well! This comes from the huge efforts of the Reverse Innovation program, launched by TSVC, in collaboration with SVSIAN and other partners in both the US and internationally. Reverse Innovation is a very efficient strategy of performing international entrepreneurship and cross-border innovations. Yes, we help you build your next tech startup. Regarding the technologies, We currently focus on computer vision technologies, which has tremendous market potentials. We also believe robotics will have huge values for different kinds of industrial applications. Besides, we also welcome other technologies such as AI, ML, IoT as well as other disruptive innovations. For more information, please contact us by sending email to [masked] with detailed information about yourself, and also your business plans or pitch deck.

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Signing up for investor roundtable preparatory meeting

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