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What we’re about

Starting your own Business? Looking to make an impact? Interested in learning from other awesome start-up founders and sharing your experiences? Join us and become a part of the Start-up Junto community!

Start-up Junto means "Start-up Together"; and is based off of the Philly Junto series and Benjamin Franklin's Junto club. Ben started this all in 1727 when he created the Junto Club for mutual improvement in Philadelphia (You can learn more about this revolutionary - pun intended! - concept here:

We bring that spirit to life with guest speakers, idea exchange, networking, brainstorming, entrepreneurial advice, and (of course), beer.

Be prepared to:

• Share your Startup Journey (The Ups AND the Downs)

• Learn from other Founder's stories

• Gain meaningful business relationships (guided, fun activities)

• Discuss new ideas; improve everyone around you!

• Expand your network of peers & colleagues!

•  Have lots of fun!


1. Be respectful of other group members and their thoughts and ideas.

2. No discrimination against others based on age, race, gender, disabilities, religious beliefs, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

3. No direct sales. Please do not approach others attempting to sell products or services at our meetups. Business cards placed strategically around an event venue will result in your removal from the group. Sales may come from relationships that are formed at events but direct sales at events are not welcome.

4. This group is about learning and sharing among founders and aspiring founders.