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I want to help 100 people start a business or get to the next level in 2017. So if you are genuinely interested in starting a business or you are committed to growing your existing business then this is the group for you.

Apart from the insight generated from group participation; our meeting will actively and practically help you to organise your thoughts, fine-tune your ideas, teach you how to bootstrap, clarify your niche, help you write your business plan, raise money and generate your first levels of sales.

Here are some questions people are asking that this meetup group will answer:
Q - "How can I turn my passion/hobby/ strength/ability or skill into a profitable business?"

Q - "What do it take to be an entrepreneur?"

Q - "How can I know that the idea I have will work? I am afraid of wasting time and money on a project that is going nowhere?"

Q - "How do I write a business plan?" Q - "How will I raise money for the business? The other thing is that I am afraid of going into debt!"

Q - "How do I generate my first sales? I am not particularly a great sales person."

Q - Do I need to have a website? Some sites cost a fortune how do I know what to choose since I am not very tech savvy?

Q - "When do I need the services of an accountant? I understand that tax issues are complex, I don't want trouble from the HMRC!"

Q - "I already have a business that is generating some money; how can I increase sales without simultaneously increasing costs?"

Q - "What are the biggest mistakes to avoid?"


Remember our objective for 2017 is to help 100 people:

1. Start A Business

2. Get To The Next Level.

Let Us Together Make It Possible.

Do let me know if you have any questions:

You can get in touch with me at

E: boomy@startyourownbusinessacademy.com

T: 07932 394620

W: http://www.startyourownbusinessacademy.com

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