What we're about

This is a new group for lovers of all things STEAMPUNK!

We'll meet to network and attend Steampunk events.

We'll also try to collaborate on Steampunk art projects.

As a group, we may...

-attend a gallery of Steampunk art
-organize a fashion show by a Steampunk designer...maybe you!
-go to the opening night of a movie with Steampunk design....dressed in costume!
-shoot a Steampunk style music video for a local band
-do our own Steampunk photoshoot, using designs, props, and wardrobe made by our own members....

If you like gears, goggles, and clocks...this is the group for you!

Upcoming events (3)

Magic Lantern picture show Sun May 26th 4pm

177 Prince St, New York, NY 10012

The History of Film Through an Antique Magic Lantern Presentation For hundreds of years before words like Netflix and 4K TV entered the English lexicon, the talk of the town was all about the Magic Lantern. Step back in time as we learn how Magic Lantern presentations, originally powered by oil lamps or candlelight, were the entertainment of the day. Join The Museum of Interesting Things, a traveling interactive exhibition of antiques and inventions inspiring innovation and creativity as we explore the history of the Magic Lantern. With Adventure Club Denny Daniel, Founder of The Museum of Interesting Things, our unique experience inside a secret loft in SoHo will include: • A discussion around Magic Lantern presentations where a storyteller (or a charlatan showing spirits) would come to your town with an oil lamp magic lantern projector, and tell stories that made people laugh or scream, learn or sing • A rare presentation of the antique Disney Magic Lantern glass slides from nearly 100 years ago on the original electrified Disney Lantern Projector as well as a preview of an authentic 19th-century oil lamp-powered Magic Lantern and see other variations of the Magic lantern over the ages. • A look at original storytelling booklets that accompanied Magic Lantern slides of stories including Pinocchio, Snow White, and so many more! The Loft at Prince Street 177 Prince Str $20 to help the Museum :) Between Thompson & Sullivan street in Soho NYC[masked] https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-history-of-film-through-antique-magic-lantern-presentation-registration-61337123989?aff=MoITMG&afu=33776807091 Stick around afterward for the Museum of Interesting Things' Secret Speakeasy, which is their monthly festival dedicated to all things vintage! See 16mm vintage films, Hear vinyl LP’s, Antiques Demos of the History of Film/Photography/3D, Enjoy! www.secretspeakeasy.com

History of Film & Photography Secret Speakeasy Sun May 26th 6pm

177 Prince St, New York, NY 10012

Hi hi! Wanted to let you know that the next Museum of Interesting Things Secret Speakeasy theme is I Can See For Miles, History of Film/Photography/3D Sun May 26th 6 pm - 10pm all ages We will bring items from our vast collection of Film/Photography items, like Camera Obscuras, Magic Lanterns, 100 year old Kodaks and more! See 16mm short films original Nasa & cold war & more! Hear original vinyl records Enjoy actual antiques you can handle and get demonstrated! A story telling event :) The Museum of Interesting Things takes over a Soho loft for a special 16mm short movie & music fest & party! 16mm films, music, snacks & beautiful visuals! Also, early 1900's Vaudeville and Jazz, stunt and circus. In the spirit of a true Speakeasy Anything can change so... Please check this website before leaving. http://www.secretspeakeasy.com/ SPECIAL TREAT: Adventure Club is having a special screening and lecture 4pm-6pm of our most iconic films and a Magic Lantern Show https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-history-of-film-through-antique-magic-lantern-presentation-registration-61337123989?aff=MoITMG&afu=33776807091 All eras of history some over 100 years old! See Old 16mm circus, animations, vaudeville and more Also: Special performance by Lizzie Blazquez The Museum has a show featuring Original Rare 16mm short films from the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960's and you get to pick the films allll night! Early 1900’s and some 1800’s Stereoviews and Mutoscope cards! The Loft at Prince Street 177 Prince Str $10 to help the Museum :) Between Thompson & Sullivan street in Soho NYC[masked] Thanks to Pinch Chinese for possibly sponsoring our refreshments! Advance Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/history-of-film-photography-secret-speakeasy-sun-may-26th-6pm-tickets-61325749969

BAB's KickSteamer!
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You all know Bab's Who Takes Pictures! She's working on an incredible book of fantastical steampunk photographs with elaborate digital enhancements. She's photographed pretty much everyone in the steampunk scene, probably even YOU! Won't you look at her Kickstarter page and consider a donation? You'll be a patron of the arts! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/babswtp/chronotography-the-inner-workings-of-a-steampunk-l

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Doomsday! Secret Speakeasy Sun Apr 28th 6pm

177 Prince St, New York, NY 10012

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