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What we’re about

Stellar Writing exists to support and encourage the writer within you. Whether you are a newbie or an old pro in the writing scene, we are here and ready to add value into your writing and publishing journey. Our former participants have gone onto work as professional writers, reviewers, and editors.
Each Stellar Writing meeting will stay on the following schedule to honor each member's time and provide space to discuss each valuable manuscript that is shared during the meeting.
Meet and greet: 10-15 minutes
This is where we get to know each other, our writing genre(s), and what we hope to get out of the meeting (feedback, praise/encouragement, writing/publication questions being answered). We will also present a short overview of the meeting topic to be covered after the open sharing forum.
On-the-spot writing challenge (depending upon the meeting attendee count): 5-10 minutes
When we have time, we will present a writing challenge that will complement the the spirit of the meeting topic. It should be quick fun, and get us all in the same creative flow direction.
Open Forum - Sharing of Active Writing Projects: 45-60 minutes
Each person who came to receive honest and encouraging feedback about their active writing project will be asked to read aloud for three minutes. For authors choosing not to read, we can read the intended excerpt for you. We allow up to 5 minutes for open feedback from the group. Overt negativity is not allowed. We want to uplift our members, not crush their soul.
We ask that heavy topics, adult language, and adult situations be forewarned for the sake of those who wish to take a step back from that exposure.
Meeting Topic: 15-20 minutes
Here's where the rubber hits the road. Join us as we explore topics, tools, tips, and twists to make us all better writers, readers, thinkers, promoters, and marketers of our works.
Q&A: remaining time
This final section is sometimes the most useful. Ask anything related to writing, and there's a great chance one of our members will have experience and advice to offer. If we don't have a confident, factual answer, we can put it on the agenda for the next meeting and return with good research.
We are meeting online, for now, via Zoom and welcome members from around the globe.