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Step Up To Success Group Overview for 2019:

Celebrating 14 years in 2021, (only 13 on line) Step Up To Success, a 5 Star Private Women's Meetup group, has assembled a unique group of Established Women Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, and Business Services, that want to grow their business and be leaders in their fields by participating in this vibrant local and successful monthly Meetup group. Founded and Organized by Janiece Carlson who has over 45 years as an entrepreneur and winner of many awards including the Women of Achievement Awards for 2015 & 2018 from the NAPW, and People's Choice Award 2016 - 2019, helps collaborate, communicate, and participate together in envisioning, and executing, each other’s businesses, with visionary new products or services with her experiences AND to support, develop and promote women for success in business. We achieve this by creating opportunities for women in business through education, information exchange, collaborative partnership, and alliances that promote commerce and economic empowerment.

*We are a local Awesome Group of Professional Business Women that are not just your average networking group but successful businesswoman who put fun in what we do! We always party with a purpose when we hold any event or fundraisers to help give back to our community. We would love to welcome you with something that can benefit all of us and those who want to have time with other Professional Women in our area to share all information and help lead each other to success! We are also members that are recognized by the Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Network through the Tri-Lakes Chamber of Commerce.

Our Focus and Guidelines:

*We focus on Established Women Colorado Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, and Business Services that want to grow their businesses and be the best that they can be in their fields by sharing knowledge, tips to success, events, and other networking information and most of all education! Participating in business events or fundraisers that benefit our community, is our #1 goal. *This once a month meeting alternates days each month, to be sure we can have members attend at least 2-3 times in a consecutive 4 month period per this group’s requirement to keep the membership. We meet from 6:00-8:00 pm with a special Early Bird Networking that starts at 6:00. (When we meet in person) *We include educational presentations at most meetings and promote and display businesses often. We also DO Require that you RSVP Either Way to the meetings each month so we have an accurate head count for food and handouts from presenters and ask you respect this policy. Communication with the Organizer is required.

Mission Statement:

Step Up To Success is a Southern Colorado -based, monthly educational/networking meeting group consisting of motivated women 21 and older of all walks of life, who desire to meet to discuss, discover, learn, and educate themselves about being, or desiring to be the best Entrepreneurs. We are a unique group of Women that want to reach out and "give back" to our Community with some of our skills and hard-fought business lessons learned over the years to support All Women in small business or bidding entrepreneurs with real educational lessons and top speakers of the community and business life skills that others can learn and benefit from. We only meet once a month at in the evening in C/S at a private location. *My personal mission is helping other women to be as successful as possible but you have to be willing to help yourself first...... Everyone has a little something different to offer and ideas to share. However, we do not have members do presentations only displays unless it is an educational business that will benefit this group.

*Additional Information about SUTS :

We only will enroll up to 50 established Professional businesses and only one person per Business/Company, over 21 years of age, and we would love to invite you to join!! *Please note you can only represent and speak of one business even if you have others. The members of SUTS are not your target market but if they show interest, that is icing on the cake!

*******Note to Potential Members:

Please when applying, (Must be on a Computer or laptop, No Cell Phone Applications, they do not forward) be sure you provide your first and last name in your meetup account *before requesting membership, for we do not consider anyone that does not show their full name in their meetup account and introduction with a personal current photo of YOURSELF ALONE with no obstructions is required when applying ( no family or pets) . These challenges have to be addressed for the benefit of having an internet-accessible and safe group platform. Also please do not fill out an application unless you intend to commit to the 2021 guidelines and requirements for there are NO REFUNDS on dues OR exceptions if guidelines are not met or if YOU choose to leave the group.

We look forward to reviewing and approving your application request for 2021, and learning more about your business interests and entrepreneurial pursuits!

We also have a Facebook fan page. Please be sure to join us there for weekly information and education.

https://www.facebook.com/Step Up To Success Events (https://www.facebook.com/StepUpToSuccessEvents)

*As always, Communication is the Key to Our Success!! If we do not get a reply back to the Organizer from a group e-mail if requested, or from a personal message from the organizer that can be reasons for losing memberships. Also 2 No Shows without changing your RSVP can lead to loss of membership as well as not meeting the guidelines of 2-3 meetings in a 4 month consecutive period when the dates are posted months in advance so you can plan. *We know Life steps in sometimes but your attendance is monitored for memberships are not offered to those who do not want to be successful. Dates are available 12 months in advance for you to be able to schedule. WE Can Not promote You if You Are Not There or on Zoom!

*****DUES: I do run a tight ship but if you're serious about your business, this is the group for you. If you choose not to respect the guidelines and you are removed, there are no refunds. The yearly 2021 dues are only $10.00 a month that are due in full upfront with application approval for 6 months. (Prorated by month joined after the first quarter only with a one time $3 processing fee). Dues only cover expenses and not Perks. Dues will be prorated in the quarter you join AFTER the 1st quarter only. PLEASE NOTE: This group is NOT your target market but a means of getting you known and referred.

Invest in yourself, You Are Worth It!

I hope you see how successful and important this group can mean to you and your business and we look forward to a great working relationship and a leaping board for your future.

*Please note I will always make myself available for your questions when possible and hope we can welcome you into this prestigious group of professional women!

Again I repeat: Communication, is the Key to Our Success!!

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