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Sunday evening climbing at Upper Limits Maryland Heights
The gym is usually not crowded at this time, so it's easy to get a lot of routes in. If you're not a first timer, just skip the rest of this and show up somewhat close to 3 pm or later... What to bring: Wear comfortable clothing that's not too tight. If you have the equipment, bring a harness, shoes, belay device, and chalk bag. You need a minimum of a harness to climb, which is available for $4 rental. It's strongly recommended that you rent shoes for $5 as well, since climbing in street shoes doesn't work well. Facility information Upper Limits West County is the "swank" gym, as opposed to the downtown location. Enjoy amenities such as flush toilets, water fountains, and air conditioning. There are a wide variety of routes from 5.5 (like a ladder, but far more ergonomic) to about 5.13 (if you're still reading, probably outside your range). There is more information about the facility here: Admission cost is $16 - but members can get in one guest who's never climbed before free, per month. Ask in comments. First timer specific You will have to complete a registration form and liability waiver, so allow yourself about 10-15 minutes for that. If you know how to belay, one of us will partner up with you so that you can take the belay test, so please let staff know you're waiting on us. As always, all questions are welcome, including general climbing ones. If I can't answer it I should be able to point you to someone who can.

Upper Limits Indoor Rock Climbing Gym & Pro Shop

1874 Lackland Hill Parkway · St. Louis, MO

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This group is for anyone interested in climbing - gym, rock, or ice. All skill levels are welcome. Our primary meetup locations will be Jackson Falls, Red River Gorge, and Horseshoe Canyon, as well as local gyms.

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