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What we’re about

“At the very outset, we have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot change it, we cannot conceptualize it, with this human awareness. We have to be in another state, where we can understand it, know it on our central nervous system.” (Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - The Founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation)

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a simple meditation technique to achieve a complete transformation using our own inner energy that is present in all of us. We will teach you an easy way to awaken and utilize this energy to attain a better state of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Initially, you would learn to relieve stress through complete relaxation of your mind and also experience the inner peace by breaking the chain of your non-stop thoughts. Gradually, you would develop a deeper understanding of your inner energy system and its connection to your mind, body, and attention. This new meditative awareness will act as your own individual guide, and enable you to make a positive change to your physical, mental, and emotional states very easily through meditation.

We invite you to join our classes, which are always offered free, to experience this new awakening and bring a positive change to your life and this world. It is easy to learn and practice. You need only 15 minutes every day!

Watch the short videos of our practitioners in St. Louis explaining the benefits of meditation on our YouTube channel:
To learn more about Sahaja Yoga Meditation, please visit  (This website also contains useful online meditation material as well as recordings for home meditation - all free!!) 
St. Louis chapter website:

We are a non-profit group and offer free meditation classes across the US. In MO, we conduct these classes at different branches of Saint Louis County Library in St. Louis. For the class schedule, please see the events page on meet-up or visit . In addition to the In-Person classes, we offer weekly Saturday Classes ONLINE:

1.  Advanced class every Saturday – 10 AM to 11 AM
Zoom meeting link:  [Meeting ID: 678 596 315]
Or Dial-in:  (312) 626 - 6799 [Enter the Meeting ID: 678 596 315 followed by #]

2.  Beginner class every Saturday – 11 AM to 12 noon
Zoom meeting link:  [Meeting ID: 161 782 490]
Or Dial-in:  (312) 626 - 6799 [Enter the Meeting ID: 161 782 490 followed by #]

Our meditation class will help you:
• Achieve mental silence
• Discover inner peace
• Feel balanced, relaxed, joyful
• Attain and sustain mindfulness

Attending the classes:
Beginner Class Structure: The class begins with an introduction to the basics of Sahaja Meditation. It is followed by the experience of awakening of the inner energy and a short meditation thereafter. We also have discussions on energy channels and different energy centers from time to time.

- All age groups are welcome.
- Duration of each class is approximately 1 hour.
- No registration required.
- We are non-profit and never charge any money. We do this as volunteers.

For more information, please feel free to call: (314)757-9297

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