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As the Cardinals make they way to the World Series we are making our way to three great talks.

• Actor Model - Jessica Kerr

If you like OO programming, then you'll love Actors. They pass
messages and hold state all day long. While the original Actor
framework is Erlang OTP, its ideas have sprouted on the JVM in the
akka framework, and in Ruby in celluloid. This talk focuses on the
concepts of Actors, using akka in Scala. We'll see the beauty and
ugliness of the model, and point out fatal flaws in the Ruby and Scala

• Bitcoin and Ruby - Rich Brumpton

• Live Demo of Ruby 2.1 changes -

Amos King
Charlie Sanders

We didn't stop at the talks of course. Jess Jackson from SBS Creatix ( is back with door prizes!

We are still looking for drink and food sponsors if you have anyone in mind.

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