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The ST Louis Social Co-op is dedicated to those who enjoy embracing the metro - St. Louis area as their home and promoting local business. Whether if you have lived here your whole life or if you are simply a transplant. This is for you.

We enjoy outings around the city, happy hours, weekend activities, volunteering, and simple networking. This group is for everyone who is looking for a wonderful way to meet new people and expand their social/professional circles. Please come out and embrace our city's charm!

This group is by and for everyone. Unlike other meetup groups, everyone who joins this group automatically becomes an Event Organizer. That allows anyone in the group to produce social meetup events on our site who wants to. There is no obligation to produce an event, however. So, if you want to try your hand at hosting a meetup social event without running it through The Organizer or without paying Meetup's server fees, this is your group.

We're about making it simple for people all over the St. Louis area who have social event ideas to share what they do for fun with others by getting their events on our calendar.

Go for it, and have fun!


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Open Diner #112: Feeling Stressed?

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It's no secret that we are living in a high-stress world. Gas prices, food costs, and monthly utilities are skyrocketing, and our screens are full of images of rocket attacks, refugees, and burning buildings.

We're still recovering from being socially isolated, and COVID is not over! Add to that the stress of our jobs, worrying about finances, problems in relationships, and the hassle of daily responsibilities, and it can be quite overwhelming.

While a certain amount of stress is unavoidable, too much of it can take a serious toll on our physical and mental health.

Think about it:
- Are you having trouble sleeping?
- Or, are you feeling tired despite plenty of sleep?
- Are you having trouble concentrating?
- Do you feel ineffective in your life?
- Do tasks seem to take twice as long?
- Is your mood best described as “Blah” or “Meh?”

Don't ignore these signs. It's important to find ways to manage stress. In fact, with practice, stress can become a useful tool to feel the negative sensations (such as hatred, rejection and division) in order to rise above these sensations and cover them with their positives of love, giving, and connection.

That's what this event will be about. Join us to transform your attitude to stress. Together is the only way!

Open Diner is a shared virtual space where people just like you and I can come together to talk about important subjects in a safe and supportive environment. Join us every week at 6:30 PM EDT / 5:30 CDT.

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Open Diner #111: How Do I Stop Feeling So Lonely?

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