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The St. Louis WordPress Meetup - Setting up a Local Development Environment


Editors note: Phew, this month has been a bit of a whirlwind. I'm staring a new job in a week and have been really busy/anxious getting everything ready. Sorry for the delay in posting this.

A bit of a reminder, if you want to host a WordPress Meetup event, get in touch with one of the organizers. This group is yours!


This month we're going to talk about an important part of working with WordPress, how to setup a local development environment, how to test, and how to push it to your production server.

What does that mean in English? How do you setup a WordPress site on your personal laptop, test plugins and customizations, and then once ready, move that site to your actual live website on the Interwebs.

The best part of this is that you learn more about how WordPress works, how you can bend it to your will, and how to do things like updates and changes without breaking your existing site.

Join us!


We're meeting at the CIC (, the Cambridge Innovation Center on Duncan Ave. A tad west of IKEA.

4240 Duncan Ave.
St. Louis, MO

The entrance is on Duncan Ave. on the very corner of the building (by the Park Avenue Coffee signs). Head inside, straight toward the elevators. Take them to the 2nd floor. The exterior doors lock at 7pm so please arrive on time (if you'll be late let me know). We'll be meeting in the large event space this month.

Parking is street level right next to the building (no meters).


Since many folks attend with questions in-hand we want to make it easier for them to get answers. Instead of making people wait till the end of the evening to ask their questions, we're going to dedicate the first 30 minutes of the evening to questions and conversation. Need help with something? Have a cool site to share? The is the time.


6:30pm to 7:00pm - Question & Answer time. Come to help others, ask questions, and socialize before the main event.

7pm to 7:15pm - Introductions and housekeeping.

7:15pm to 8:30pm - Main topic of the evening and presentations.

Photo of The St. Louis WordPress Community group
The St. Louis WordPress Community
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