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What we’re about

IMPORTANT: The Erlang Meetup Stockholm has moved to a new meetup called BEAM Languages United  - Stockholm formed together with the Elixir community in Stockholm. 
Next meetup: Thursday, December 8, 2022 - CU!

Welcome to Erlang Meetup (EMU) Stockholm - situated in Erlang Valley in Sweden, where Erlang was invented.
About this group
Founded in 2012, this community is devoted to the Erlang Ecosystem and promoting anything on the BEAM. Are you Erlang curious? You are welcome!
About Erlang
Erlang is a functional programming language created at Ericsson, and designed to build massive, distributed, resilient, scalable software. The Erlang ecosystem contains a range of supported languages (Erlang, Efene, Lua, Prolog, Elixir, LFE ...) which interact seamlessly with the OTP libraries and the BEAM VM.