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Welcome to Stockholm Skeptic Discussions!

PLEASE NOTE: Skepticism doesn't mean being arbitrary "sceptical". A skeptic, or "freethinker" is someone who prefers to hold beliefs and conclusions that are reliable and valid, to ones that are personally comforting or convenient (such as conspiracy theories, religion, alternative medicine, spiritual healing or anything "supernatural"). It doesn't mean you're perfect. It means you know you're not and need to look for evidence even if it goes against your gut feelings and biases. Skepticism is not an ideology or a belief system. Skepticism is a methodology for learning about and understanding the world based on the scientific method (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_method). To learn more, please watch this short video: "What is a Skeptic? (https://youtu.be/MNCgGaeWwzw)", and preferably also "Why people believe weird things (http://www.ted.com/talks/michael_shermer_on_believing_strange_things)", both by Michael Shermer of The Sceptic Society (USA).

This group is for people who want to discuss and learn about the world in accordance to this methodology (including, but not limited to conversations about science, pseudo-science, philosophy, atheism, secular ethics, evolution and humanism) with like-minded people in the Stockholm area.

No merits are required apart from respecting that. We all have to start somewhere :)

Hope to see you there!

PS: If you want to read more, and better understand terminology we may use on the meetups, we have more resources and links listed here (https://www.meetup.com/The-Stockholm-Skeptics-Society/messages/boards/thread/49128140).

Rules: Don't be condescending or otherwise aggressive. A necessary part of being a skeptic is questioning your own stances, being able to handle critique and letting others speak. Even if you're "sure" you're right (which you shouldn't be), we are not organizing these events to listen to someone's agenda. We're here to participate in discussions where scientific and rational arguments trumps attitude. Sexism and racism also is strictly forbidden.

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