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Writing Matters

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Writing Matters


## Writing Matters

Writing matters. It creates more robust thinking, preserves our ideas and memories, and strengthens our imagination. And that’s not all.

From cover letters to emails and reports, our writing is also the primary basis others use to judge our work and intellect. Therefore, becoming a better writer helps you become more yourself and a more persuasive communicator.

In this short practical session, we’ll give you new motivation, fresh techniques and some new tools for harnessing the power of writing.
This workshop is suitable for beginners as well as more seasoned writers.

### In 60 minutes together we’ll

  • Come to better understand how and why writing matters
  • Run some exercises to kickstart your writing
  • Give you some tricks to elevate your writing

### By the end of the workshop you’ll have

  • A better understanding of how good writing can help you
  • An understanding of what a good writing flow and practice can look like
  • Some ideas for how to sharpen your writing output

### About the tutor

Ryan Millar is a writer, communications trainer, and coach. He's worked as a copywriter, content manager, scriptwriter, and editor-in-chief. He's also an award-winning playwright and the author of two non-fiction books. The latest is called The Confident Presenter.

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