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Queen City Game Club Message Board Hobby Gaming (Miniature War Games) › WHFB - 3000 points Skaven vs. High Elves

WHFB - 3000 points Skaven vs. High Elves

Group Organizer
Charlotte, NC
Post #: 30
In Erik and my latest battle we squared off with our largest armies yet, coming in at 3,000 points. I fielded my Skaven horde and Erik brought his High Elf army including a new addition – a star dragon ridden by a high elf prince. I lucked out on the rolls to setup terrain, deployment and to take the first turn so things started out looking good for me.

Turn 1 – Skaven

I pretty much march moved the entire army forward toward the high elf army. The only exception was that I moved my clan rat unit which was pushing the screaming bell into position behind my advancing columns. I did not intend for that unit to see combat, rather it housed my grey seer (caster) for the army so I wanted to bunker the unit behind my advancing battleline. My magic phase went exceedingly well. I was able to cast warp lighting on a unit of high elf fast cavalry on the left flank and killed more than 25% of the unit. That forced a panic test on the cavalry who failed to stand and ran back toward the edge of the table. I followed that with a successful casting of Scorch which targeted a second unit of fast cavalry on the right side of the table. Erik attempted to dispel but failed to exceed my casting roll. That spell completely eliminated the unit. The shooting phase also went well for me. I had deployed a unit of gutter runners with poisoned slings in a forest on the right flank (using their infiltration rule) about 15 inches from one of Erik’s repeating bolt thrower war machines. They let loose with all their sling shots and scored enough to eliminate the entire bolt thrower crew taking it out of the game. That ended my turn but I couldn’t have asked for a more fortunate start to the battle.

Turn 1 – High Elf

At the beginning of Erik’s turn I activated the ability of my army’s special battle standard, the storm banner, which prevented any units with flying (his dragon and eagles, specifically) from flying this turn. It also provided a -2 modifier to all shooting for the turn. This essentially bought my army a second turn to advance forward without getting shot to pieces by Erik’s archers and bolt throwers and without having to worry about his flying creatures swooping in and disrupting my advancing battle formation. Erik choose to leave his army where it stood during movement. The one notable event is that he rallied his fleeing cavalry on the left flank who reformed to rejoin the battle. During the magic phase Erik pressed his magical advantage to drain down my power dice until I could no longer dispel his spells. He was able to get a fire spell against my Hell Pit Abomination on the left flank. The spell immediately caused a flaming wound on the Abomination negating its regeneration ability for the rest of the turn. Secondly it created a flaming cage surrounding the Abomination so that in the following turn if the Abomination moved it would automatically take a Strength 4 flaming attack. Since the Abomination has to move every turn it guaranteed that he would take the additional hit and if so would once again lose the regeneration ability. The shooting phase could have been disasterous for me considering that Erik had taken out the regeneration ability on the Abomination. It was as it most vulnerable and Erik pressed the advantage and targeted 20 of his archers and his remaining bolt thrower on the Abomination. Fortunately the modifiers from the storm banner I had activated succeeded in keeping the yield of hits against the Abomination low and the low strength of the few arrows that did hit was not sufficient to cause further wounds on the Abomination. That ended turn 1.

Turn 2 – Skaven

Similar to my turn one, I march moved the entire army forward with the exception of the screaming bell unit which continued to move into position behind the army. Once again, the magic phase was quite fortuitous for me. First I cast warp lighting against the fast cav unit that rallied last turn, which finished off the remaining unit. I then cast the scorch spell on Erik’s unit of sword masters. They were one of the biggest threats to my army. The spell succeeded on an irresistible force meaning that it could not be dispelled but that I would also have to suffer a miscast and the penalties that go with that. The scorch spell killed 8 sword masters. The miscast resulting in me losing about 8 clan rats. The trade was definitely in my favor. During shooting I shot my poisoned wind mortar into Erik’s sea guard unit. The shot scattered by a long shot and ended up hitting the edge of his archer unit resulting in a few casualties there. With no close combat yet, my turn ended.

Turn 2 – High Elf

With my army bearing down on his, Erik had to act fast to slow the advance so he could whittle down more of my troops. Erik started by declaring charges with his sword masters and his sea guard. I had placed giant rat units in front of my main advancing columns so he had to charge them and then hope to overrun into my slave and plague monk units to prevent them from counter charging on my next turn. With the effects of the storm banner dissipitated, Erik finally got a chance to move his flyers. He moved one of his eagles up in front of my Abomination on the left flank to screen his archers from its advance. He then moved his heavy cavalry out onto the far right flank and moved his dragon into position to flank my abomination on the right should I choose to charge his cavalry. During the magic phase, the high elf advantage in magic allowed Erik to cast another fire spell on the abomination on the left flank, negating its regeneration save. During shooting this proved extremely important as his archers and bolt throwers were able to rain down arrows on the abomination and bring it down to one wound. During close combat, the sword masters, easily chewed through the giant rats and then overran into the slave unit. They killed 10 or so slaves and the slave hit back taking out 3 sword masters. The slaves took a break test for losing combat but due to their massive numbers stood their ground despite the casualties taken. The sea guard unit also easily chewed through the giant rat unit in front of the plague monks however they rolled poorly on their overrun roll and did not reach the plague monk unit and so would have to endure a counter charge from me on the following turn.

Group Organizer
Charlotte, NC
Post #: 31
Turn 3 – Skaven

I began by declaring a counter charge with my plague monk unit against Erik’s sea guard. My abomination on the left flank charged his giant eagle and the abomination on the right flank charged his heavy cavalry. During magic I attempted a few spells but all were dispelled by Erik’s casters. During shooting I attempted to fire my warpfire thrower at Erik’s archer unit. Unfortunately I rolled a misfire and the result is the warpfire thrower exploded removing it from the game. In close combat, my abomination on the left flank made short work of the giant eagle and overran into Erik’s archer unit. But with only one would left and with the fact that his elves always strike first they were able to finish off the abomination before it could deal any real damage back. The slave unit killed two more sword masters and they in turned took out 5 or so slaves. Again the slaves stood their ground because of the overwhelming numbers. The plague monk unit smashed into the sea guard. The plague monks where pushing the plague furnace which dealt impact hits to the sea guard unit as well as causing a number of poison attack against them before the battle even started. The sea guard that survived the charge then made their attacks and killed 6 or so plague monks. I activated my plague banner, which allowed the plague monks to reroll all to hit and wound rolls for this combat turn. The result was something like 16 or so casualties which annihilated the remaining sea guard unit. The monks overran but did not roll high enough to bring them into contact with anything else. Finally, the abomination on the right flank decimated the heavy cavalry unit and took no hits back as the charge was in the flank only allowing for unit to even attempt to strike. This of course set up a rear charge for Erik’s dragon against my abomination. We would have to see if the loss of the heavy cav unit was worth the price.

Turn 3 – High Elf

Erik started the turn by declaring two charges. His phoenix guard flank charged the slave unit engaged with the sword master unit. His dragon rear charged the remaining abomination. During magic Erik cast his arrow attraction curse against my screaming bell unit which would increase the yield of any shots against that unit. During shooting, he capitalized on that and fired all his archers and the bolt thrower against the screaming bell unit, resulting a in 6 or 7 casualties. In close combat the phoenix guard and sword masters killed 5 more slaves who in return killed a single sword master. But again they stood steadfast due to their overwhelming numbers. The abomination made a series of attacks against the prince riding the dragon but only managed to get a single wound in due to the low armor saves available to the prince. In return the prince and the dragon both struck at the abomination and brought it down to a single wound.

Turn 4 – Skaven

During movement I made a few reforms to reposition my army to start on an assault against Erik’s dragon. During magic I had another extremely fortunate series of rolls. I attempted the dreaded 13th spell which effectively turns one unit of enemy infantry into a clan rat unit under my control. I rolled irresistible force again (second time this battle) meaning no chance for Erik to dispel and of course another miscast for me. The spell turned his phoenix guard unit engaged against the slaves into clan rats. The miscast resulted in something like 15 or 20 of my clan rats with the bell unit getting killed. Still seemed to be in my favor overall though. During close combat, the slaves finished off the remaining sword master. The hell pit abomination was struck down by Erik’s prince riding the dragon before he could even attack.

Turn 4 – High Elf

Erik had his dragon charge my gutter runner unit that was positioned in the forest. He then moved his eagle to screen the plague monks from the dragons flank. During magic he cast a spell on my screaming unit that forced them to panic and flee along with suffering a few more casualties from shooting from his archers. During close combat the dragon tore the gutter runners to pieces before they could even retaliate.

Turn 5 – Skaven

My plague monks charged the eagle which chose to flee. My clan rat unit with my army general charged the dragon. My screaming bell unit rallied and reformed. Finally my slave and remaining clan rat unit maneuvered into position to set up a charge on the archer unit. During magic, a series of lucky rolls came up again with the dreaded 13th cast against the archer unit on irresistible force. This eliminated the rest of the archers. The miscast resulted in the death of all but two of my clan rats. I also lost my battle standard bearer but at this point I don’t think it made much of a difference in the battle. During close combat the plague monk unit caught the fleeing eagle and then redirected it’s charge into the dragon’s flank. The sheer overwhelming numbers between the plague monks on the skaven general’s unit proved too much for the dragon and prince and they were slain, but not before taking out another handful of plague monks. At this point we called the game considering the overwhelming number of skaven still on the table compared to the elves.


This is probably the bloodiest battle Erik and I have had to date. It goes to show what a big impact magic can have on a battle. In some games it has almost no effect but in this battle it was a clear game changer accounting for two units (archers and phoenix guard) that would have otherwise survived the battle most likely.

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