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Calling all street photographers!

Welcome to Street Club, "London’s best street photography Meetup group,"

The first rule of Street Club, is to tell EVERYONE about Street Club!!!

Join our awesome street photography meet ups (in person and online), hang out on day trips in the UK, or find out about full day and weekend workshops with The Photo Weekender (Street Club's mama bear!): thephotoweekender.com (https://www.thephotoweekender.com)

All levels are welcome and you don’t even need a camera as your phone will do the trick. Technical perfection is so last season, creativity is where it's at, and that's what we focus on.

This is super friendly community where the social side is as important as the photography. All meet ups are in mini workshop format based around exploring different street photography themes and and taking on creative challenges. Each begins with a briefing to give you inspiration as well as a focus for shooting, and (usually) end in a pub with a chance to share your experiences on the street over a drink or just chat with fellow street photographers. Pretty cool huh?!

Who am I?! (asking for a friend) I am an Official Fujifilm X-Photographer, a former graphic designer and travel industry pro. I became a professional photographer in 2015; and my work has been exhibited all over the world and I also speak about street photography at events (such as the National Geographic Traveller Masterclasses) You can see my portfolio and also find out more about me on my website: http://pollyrusyn.com

See you soon! Polly - Boss at Street Club

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Cancellation policy: No refunds (unless the organiser cancel the event). No credits on full meet ups 24 hours before the event or same day cancellations unless someone takes your spot. Credits available on non-full meet ups. You MUST change your RSVP and inform the organiser :)

Privacy Policy: https://www.pollyrusyn.com/privacy-policy

General terms: Street Club has a zero tolerance policy in relation to racial, sexual, religious or abusive behaviour whether it be verbal or physical from any participants leading up to or during the meet up workshop. Photographs of disadvantaged and / or vulnerable people and inappropriate photographs of children and prohibited from being posted on the site and will be removed if they are shared. Polly Rusyn (as the organiser of Street Club) reserves the right in their sole discretion to accept, decline to accept, or remove any client on any meet up workshop. Polly Rusyn reserves the right, without penalty, to make changes to any meet up workshop whenever, in their judgement, conditions warrant, or if they deem it necessary for the comfort, convenience, or safety of participants. The Participant is personally responsible for being in sufficiently good health to take part in a meet up workshop and must indicate at the time of booking if there is any issue that may affect their ability to take part in a meet up.

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Fancy some photo-therapy (it's a real thing)? Yes it's on Zoom, but you'll soon forget it is, until someone says "you're muted!". So, grab a cuppa, bring a snack, wear your pjs if you want, and join me, along with a small but perfectly formed group, for an awesome Photo Chat in a virtual space… (No-one Zooms like Street Club Zooms)

***Regulars please note this starts at 10AM***

I’m glad you asked. This is limited to a small group, maximum 8 participants (plus your host - moi!) and we talk photography. But not in a wishy washy way… This is a constructive conversation, in which we may focus on one photographer’s work, or maybe compare different photographers, look at bodies of work etc. Critiquing and analysing photography is a brilliant way to learn. The meeting is moderated by me, Polly, and everyone is given “talk time”, so don’t worry about not getting a word in!

Me, me!!! And you?

It’s a lot of fun, but don’t take my word for it - here’s what Kat had to say after her first Photo/Chat: “Oh this was awesome Polly. Great idea to look at the work of a street photographer and (god forbid) critique their work. Format was great, I feel like I've learned loads about the work of [the photographer] but also about how to look at a photograph and hear what other people are seeing that I might be missing. I feel this will help me develop my skills when we are all let out. Can't wait for more of these, really made my day (hell it made my weekend), thank you.”

You will find out the focus of the chat a couple of days before, so that you have time to do a bit of research. Homework will vary, but it is totally achievable whatever your level. The link to the Zoom Room will sent along with your homework. Make sure your email settings allow you to get emails from meet ups you sign up to.

And you may wish to use the chat as inspiration to go out and shoot, then bring your work along to a Feedback Photo Chat via Zoom - you will be part of a small group where you participate either by presenting one photo for discussion or a choice of 1-2 that you can't choose between. It's a brilliant way to learn!

Details of the next Feedback Photo Chat here:


Cover photo © Jill Freedman © Alex Webb © Bruno Barbey © Constantine Manos © Henri Cartier-Bresson © Helen Levitt © Gordon Parks © Jeff Mermelstein © Elliot Erwitt

Characters in Kings Cross

Granary Square


WHAT: This is a mini workshop focussing on capturing great street photography at an event full of characters and activity.

WHERE: The Classic Car Boot Sale has been sorely missed over the past couple of years but it is back! It's a great place to flex your candid street photography muscles.

You will need to buy an additional ENTRY TICKET for £4 (it's not included in the meetup fee): https://www.citizenticket.co.uk/events/curated-by-hemingway/the-classic-car-boot-sale/

WHO: Street Club is aimed at beginner to intermediate photographers, but all levels and all cameras are very welcome. The group tends to be a great mix and is very welcoming and friendly. After shooting we usually have a 'social' where we hang out, compare experiences and get to know one another over a quick drink. While we are under Covid restrictions we won't be heading to the pub though, but we'll still meet up at the end, and maybe grab a half from one of the stalls at the event.

You are welcome to upload your best three shots from the day to the group page for peer review. It's a great way to see what other members of the group photographed as well as learn from one another. I'll chip in too :)


Cover photo © Polly Rusyn

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