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Eye Spy in Soho
Eye spy is a fast paced intro to five, yes five, street photo themes and compositions. You have to be on it and with it! Soho (including China Town) is the perfect place to play this game as it’s buzzing with activity and we will be there as the day draws to an end and the street vibe changes. You may be tasked with capturing a colour, a limb, a reflection or a particular composition (or none of those, or maybe some of them, or perhaps all of them!) ;) Street Club workshops always involve a briefing with photographic inspiration and are focussed on creative composition and street photography themes aimed at challenging beginner to intermediate photographers, but all levels and all cameras are very welcome! The group tends to be a great mix of levels and is very welcoming and friendly, there is always banter! Leave long lenses at home - if it’s long it’s wrong! Pack a prime if you have one and zoom with your feet people!!! Shoot with your phone if you want to! Dress to blend in. Afterwards is the 'social project' where we can hang out, compare experiences and get to know one another over a drink or a bite. Next up: choose your best THREE shots from the day and post them on this page (within a week of the workshop). Those who would like constructive feedback on your work from me please COMMENT (NOT in the caption box!) addressing the following: 1/ What inspired you to take the shot? 2/ What's good about? 3/ How could it be improved or taken to another level? If you want to just shoot for fun and don’t fancy critiquing your own work that’s cool too - I’d still love to see your work so post anyway - I always encourage feedback from the group too :) Cover photo © Polly Rusyn


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Calling all street photographers!

Welcome to Street Club (formerly known as London Street Photography), London’s best street photography Meetup group.

The first rule of Street Club, is to tell everyone about Street Club!!!

Come to our awesome Meetups in London, hang out on day trips in the UK or hit up some fabulous overseas cities for weekend long workshops! All levels are welcome and you don’t even need a camera as your phone will do the trick. Technical perfection is so last season, creativity is where it's at.

This is super friendly community where the social side is as important as the photography. All Meetups are in mini workshop format based around exploring different street photography themes and and taking on creative challenges. Each begins with a briefing to give you inspiration as well as a focus for shooting, and end in a pub with a chance to share your experiences on the street over a drink or just chat with other street photographers.

But, ultimately while workshops are fun (I cannot deny it!) they are also about learning - IF you want them to be. So, once you complete some simple self-critique (guidelines on each event page) you will receive feedback on your work. Pretty cool huh?!

But who am I?! I’m a former graphic designer then travel industry pro who became a professional photographer in 2015, I’m now an internationally recognised street photographer who has had work featured in a number of publications and has been exhibited in Paris as well as in London; and I was honoured to be a judge at the London Street Photography Festival in 2018. You can see my portfolio and also find out more about me on my website:

See you soon! Polly - Da Boss at Street Club

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Cancellation policy: No refunds (unless the organiser cancel the event). No credits on full Meetups 24 hours before the event or same day cancellations unless someone takes your spot. Credits available on non-full Meetups valid towards one of the next upcoming four (£15) Meetups. You MUST change your RSVP and inform the organiser :)

Privacy Policy:

General terms: Street Club has a zero tolerance policy in relation to racial, sexual, religious or abusive behaviour whether it be verbal or physical from any participants leading up to or during the Meetup workshop. Photographs of disadvantaged and / or vulnerable people and inappropriate photographs of children and prohibited from being posted on the site and will be removed if they are shared. Polly Rusyn (as the organiser of Street Club) reserves the right in their sole discretion to accept, decline to accept, or remove any client on any Meetup workshop. Polly Rusyn reserves the right, without penalty, to make changes to any Meetup workshop whenever, in their judgement, conditions warrant, or if they deem it necessary for the comfort, convenience, or safety of participants. The Participant is personally responsible for being in sufficiently good health to take part in a Meetup workshop and must indicate at the time of booking if there is any issue that may affect their ability to take part in a Workshop Meetup.

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