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Strive Real Estate LLC is a for profit limited liability company owned collectively by Strive Wealth Builders, Inc. members. The purpose of Strive Real Estate LLC (SRE) is to empower its members through real estate investments by providing a platform for its investors to share their knowledge and best practices to acquire real estate that will assist its investors to increase their cash flow and real estate investment knowledge base.

The mission of SRE is to acquire, preserve and invest in real estate projects that contribute to the goals of affordable housing advocacy and community redevelopment. In addition, SRE’s mission is to empower business owners, entrepreneurs and real estate investors to build wealth through STRIVE (sacrifice, truth, relationships, integrity, value and education).

The Board of Directors consist of seven (7) leaders that bring over 40 collective years of real estate experience to the team. Our owner Investors include four (4) real estate professional that contribute years of leadership qualities to assist our team to make solid investment decisions.

To learn more about Strive and to become a Strive Wealth Builder, go to: http://strivewealthbuilders.com/join-strive.php. For more information, please visit our website at www.strivewealthbuilders.com.

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