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What we’re about

Strive Wealth Builders, Inc, established in 2014 is a membership-based business club whose primary focus is financial literacy. We are real estate investors and like-minded people working toward the same goal, financial independence.

“Strive” represents personal development and “Wealth Builders” represents financial development.

We encourage Strive members to engage in six (6) principle practices to stimulate their personal development strategies and guide them to financial development success through educational workshops and classes designed for financial wealth building.

Strive members are like-minded individuals gaining and sharing knowledge, skills, and education to make, grow and save money for investment purposes. Together as a team, we build wealth and offer an array of resources for beginners to seasoned wealth builders. A significant part of our programming includes giving back to families and communities.  We are not successful without helping others live better lives.

Strive Wealth Builders, Inc. (SWB) has a membership base of more than 1,000 members. Over the past 5 years, SWB has produced more than 100 financial educational events, supported more than 15 local non-profit organizations, volunteer in youth entrepreneurship programs, promoted more than 200 small businesses through live service presentations, provided more than 20 educational webinars, workshops, and networking events.

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