• StuttgartJS September - Hosted by SprintEins

    SprintEins GmbH

    The next meetup in September is hosted and sponsored by SprintEins (https://www.sprinteins.com/). Talks: Korbinian Kuhn: Two years with ionic. Or painful lessons learned from migrating a distributed app state. A journey through Ionic app development experiences since the beta of angular. Implementing E2E encryption in JS and realtime sync for a crossplatform app (iOS, Android, PWA). Tamás Rusz: Tamás is going to talk about their open source project Ghost, an electron app for code quality analysis through git. Ghost is an analysing tool for git branches. The main purpose is to identify files which are relatively often part of bugfixes.

  • Stuttgart JS March - Sponsored by CGI Deutschland

    CGI Deutschland

    Hello fellow Javascripters, CGI Deutschland will host our next meetup. Steve Chactue Akono - Electron vs. Proton Native Choosing the right framework to build a cross platform desktop application is a very important for any business. It can have a big impact on scalability of your app and further code maintainability. In this session, we will describe the difference between two JavaScript framework: Electron and Proton native. We will examine both framework on various parameters: performance, features, size, dependencies, maturity and community. Finally, we will build a Proton native app with Redux. Thomas Sauer - Making music in the browser with the MIDI and Audio API

  • Stuttgart JS at Laserhub sponsored by www.bergfreunde.de

    Hello friends, Massive kudos to our sponsors. Laserhub https://www.laserhub.de/ for providing the venue - Wizeman Space. And Bergfreunde.de‎ https://www.bergfreunde.de/ for supplying us with food and beverages. Agenda for the night --- Mariam Bashir - Webassembly Jonas Schweizer - A serverless patterns for webhook integration Maik Hummel - What the foobar? Error hunting for JavaScript technologies using Sentry Tobias Lange - Managing large mono-repositories using Lerna Looking forward to see y'all.

  • StuttgartJS January - hapi.js and TypeScript (sponsored by IBM)

    Dear JavaScripters, Happy New Year! Let's start the new year with healthy dose of JavaScript awesomeness. We'll have two amazing highly technical talks and usual pizza&beers thanks to our sponsor IBM. Felix Heck - Hapi.js @ car2go Felix will talk about how car2go deals with the choice of node frameworks, how hapi.js is used internally and where developers see advantages/disadvantages. Moreover, he will give a brief outlook on best practices and tools making a dev's life easier. Tim Roes - TypeScript: Beyond the basics This talk will cover some intermediate and advanced TypeScript techniques. We'll show how to use TypeScript features like keyof, conditional and mapped types, type guards, etc. to improve your TypeScript code and add typings for your existing JavaScript code. We'll close the talk with some tips and experiences for migrating larger existing JavaScript projects to TypeScript. Looking forward to see you. --- Call for speakers and sponsors https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text=%40kkamilio%20I%20would%20like%20to%20speak%20at%20%23stuttgartjs

  • StuttgartJS - sponsored by Daimler

    Brandwatch office

    Hello friends --- Martin Muzatko https://twitter.com/martinmuzatko - IoT for Beginners - Connecting the virtual world with the physical world. Action packed talk, where Martin brings various tools like logic analyzer, led strip, his raspberry and the software to run it together. All of that written in JavaScript. --- Sammy Braun - Breaking up the monolith. Sammy is Engineering Team Lead at Brandwatch. Passionate cyclist, runner and traveller. He'll talk about breaking up a large Backbone single page application, flagship product Brandwatch Analytics, into smaller chunks, using modern technologies such as React to manage the complexity and risk. --- Daimler Data Lab will sponsor us with food and drinks.

  • StutttgartJS @ My Porsche (Ludwigsburg)

    Porsche Connect offices

    Hello friends, hope you had a great summer break ☀️🌴🏖 Back to business. We'll have 3 speakers, 2x 20 mins and 1x 40 mins talk. Michael Romanov on Algorithms, Big O notation etc. Thomas Kumlehn on AR Quicklook Zaleniumizing nigtwatch.js 🦉 Stefan Staudenmeyer is Head of Quality Assurance at Instana, BBQ 🥩 Enthusiast and always in the process of building pipelines that break clusters. His interests range from a wide variety of languages, developing towards operability and sewing hoodies. In this session we're looking at a setup of nightwatch.js and how Instana makes use of it in automated pipelines. We're looking at the full spectrum on how it is being bootstrapped in Jenkinsfiles, what Zalenium and nightwatch are, and how to approach automated frontend testing with things like secure credential management for logins and environmental differences in multi-tenant systems are solvable. This will be an interactive hands-on session where we look at the full picture of QA setups and how you can easily integrate this into your environment no matter what type of webapps (from SPAs to webshops) you deliver. Thanks to MyPorsche for hosting the meetup. Looking forward to see you all. Ciao, Kamil

  • StuttgartJS sponsored by car2go

    Brandwatch office

    Hello friends, Sumit Kumar https://twitter.com/tweetsofsumit is going to talk about web performance. Stephane Rodet https://twitter.com/rodet is going to discuss Modern CSS Structures, how to make sense of the CSS technologies that appeared in the last 10 years (BEM, SASS, CSS in JS...) Food and drinks will be sponsored by car2go.

  • StuttgartJS Meetup

    K15t Software GmbH

    Hello, our friends K15t will host the February meetup. Mariano Guerra (https://twitter.com/warianoguerra) will give update on his talk from the last year - In praise of simplicity: instadeq one year later K15t's Sachin Mour (https://github.com/sachinmour) will give a talk on a Reactive and Functional framework with a Simple and Concise paradigm - Cycle.js (https://cycle.js.org/). This will be a hands-on experience and the talk will be in English. Looking forward to see you all.

  • StuttgartJS Meetup

    Brandwatch office