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Every woman has an immense potential, a wonderful and radiant unique femininity; exceptional qualities and talents waiting to be discovered and manifested. We help and support every woman who desires to discover the unique and amazing reality of who she truly is – a harmonious and blissful woman!

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Tantric Massage training for women

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A practical experience of spirituality, love and pure eros
Tantric Massage training for women with Catherine Dunworth.

Tantric Massage is a sensual and sacred art form. It is a wonderful method for deepening intimacy, experiencing elevated pleasure and expressing your love.

As many women have already experienced, in learning and practicing Tantric massage, you discover your sublime femininity, sensuality and awareness of subtle realities; becoming a woman initiated in the ancient Tantric secrets of pleasure, inner alchemy and pure Eros.

By the end of the 2 modules you’ll have learnt the three key stages of a Tantric massage, understand all the practical elements and principles of this ancient art, and have a complete sequence to practice on a partner.

Free intro: Tuesday 16 November 7 - 7:30pm GMT

(if you would like to watch the intro session, contact us)

🌸Module 1: Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 December from 1 - 6pm GMT on both days
~ What is Tantra, and what is tantric massage?
~ The art of conscious touch
~ Aims of a tantric massage; ritual and preparation
~ Massage: different massage techniques and their effects
~ Pressure points, including points for releasing tension
~ Empathy and connection in massage
~ Live Demo and practice
~ Questions and answers

🌸 Module 2: Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 January from 1 - 6pm GMT on both days( Body to Body, Soul to Soul )

~ Energetic exchange in massage; merging auras and subtle interaction
~ Pure erotic energy: what is it and why is it important?
~ How can I spot the difference between this and sexual energy?
~ Important role of the woman as the initiator in the energy of the Pure Eros
~ Erogenous zones – what are they, where are they and why are they important?
~ Principle of Polarity; the essential key in Tantric Massage
~ Why body to body?
~ Intimacy; what is it really, and its importance in Tantric Massage
~ Sequence demo and practice – body to body techniques and massage of the erogenous zones

🌸Module 3: Saturday 19 February from 12 - 6pm GMT ( The lingam and Yoni massage

During this 3rd module we will cover:

~ The demo of the lingam (male sexual organs) and yoni (female genital organs) massage including the preparatory stages

~ The tantric (transfigured, sacred) perspective on the lingam and yoni

~ The benefits of the lingam massage for men and the yoni massage for women

~ The attitude when giving a lingam and yoni massage

~ Anatomy of the lingam and yoni

~ The heart - yoni connection


£150 module 1
£355 all 3 modules
£315 all 3 modules for Venus members

*Recordings available for all modules

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Goddess Secrets: Aphrodisiacs for women

Online event

Goddess Secrets: Aphrodisiacs for women with Iulia Carver

It is well known that the use of aphrodisiacs finds its roots in very ancient times. Love potions and herbal mixtures were once considered the work of witches; but nowadays we can safely make this journey from mythology to biochemistry, understanding that this ancient practice was nothing but pure science: it was based on thorough knowledge of the property of each plant.

We created this workshop with the wish to bring more awareness to the use of aphrodisiacs and their amazing benefits; to help you understand the importance of choosing a good aphrodisiac. We will introduce the different categories of aphrodisiacs and present a few special plants in detail. You will also receive a recipe so you can make your own love potion.

Date: 23rd January

Time: 7 - 8pm GMT

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Sensual Dance - Group

Needs a location

The key to accessing your sensuality!
Sensual dance is a beautiful way to connect to our innate sensuality and to allow it to manifest freely and spontaneously.

This course is a relaxed and safe place for women to discover their unique feminine qualities, to connect with their natural eroticism and sensuality, to give confidence to be ourselves and express freely and with grace.

Every week we learn simple, yet powerful, ways to get in touch with our sublime sensuality and charming feminine power through slow, mesmerising movements.

🌸We will explore and awaken different sublime feminine qualities that make our daily life more enchanting and fulfilling: sensuality, purity, desire, passion, mystery, playfulness, spontaneity, creativity, admiration and many more.

You can wear any kind of clothing to the course. We encourage and support you to wear lingerie or something sensual to help us get in the mood and amplify our creative feminine energy.

Course – a new module starts on Monday, 10th January from 7 – 8pm GMT

Price - £40 / month

*Recordings available

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Women's Tantra Circle - Online

Needs a location

The feminine art of becoming a living Goddess
Do you have a happy and fulfilling romantic life?
Do you allow yourself to feel valued, adored and worshipped in intimacy?
Are you always ready to fall in love, even with life itself?
Do you allow pleasure into your life or are you still ashamed of it, maybe you even feel it’s not good to have on some level?
Do you feel judgemental or uncomfortable when you are around women who freely manifest their sensuality and openness on a daily basis; like eating a juicy fruit, for example, while you are at work?
When we talk about our erotic life as women, we can say that is divided in 2 parts: before and after experiencing profound multiple orgasms of many different kinds, tantric lovemaking and authentic intimacy, with others and ourselves.

When a woman allows herself to discover the mysterious treasures of her body and her sensual, intuitive nature, when she trusts herself and her femininity, she will be able to also guide the man she loves towards deep and lasting fulfillment.

Every woman can become this living Ideal of sensuality and joy! In this new module of our Women’s Tantra Circle, you’ll have access to unique spiritual knowledge which will improve your relationship with yourself, your beloved and with the pleasure of life itself.

We know… it’s a very intimate topic, but in our meetings we aim to create a very beautiful, safe space so you can feel supported and guided to become the best version of yourself.

🌹Session1: Introduction to the new module, setting intentions

🌹Session 2: The pleasure Principle (how open we are to pleasure, how to embrace it fully so we can live deliciously)

🌹Session 3: Pleasure in intimacy. Different types of orgasms

🌹Session 4: Pure Eros and methods to awaken the erogenous areas (sacred gates to pleasure and multiple orgasms)

🌹Session 5: Tantric Lovemaking - Amorous erotic continence. Different types of female orgasm

🌹Session 6: Sublime effects of amorous continence in ourselves and in a couple relationship

🌹Session 7: Sublimation of the erotic energies

🌹Session 8: Importance of moving energies from sexual chakras to spiritual chakras in amorous continence.

🌹Session 9: Tantric Lovemaking as a Ritual (sacred preparation)


The feminine art of becoming a living Goddess

When: Fortnightly on Thursdays 6.30 - 8pm BST - next meeting on the 13th January

Monthly cost is £25 (2 meetings)

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We can't wait to take this journey of Self-knowledge, together!

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Sensual Dance - Group

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