What we're about

"It makes sense to link the figure of the witch to Alice Walker’s school of thought, being women of color the originators and main preservers of occult practices.

The structures that govern our world are so domineering and rigid that these spiritual practices offer a much more intuitive way of moving through the world.

Tarot, witchcraft and spiritual ideas give us the tools to harness the power to understand things that cannot make sense and to provide a light and a sense of control in what can feel like a dark world."

Welcome to sub-tropical magik

A space for learning, sharing and communing with likeminded mystics of color. Since this group is mainly focused on the healing and the creation of spaces for black and brown women and femmes, we suggest you keep that in mind upon requesting to join.

This is a group for black and brown brujxs, witches, spiritually inclined beings, plant moms, yoguis, reiki practicioners, healers, those interested in spirituality, tarot, divination, orisha cosmology, wicca, astrology, herbalism, and the occult from our perspective as we create spaces, content, and solutions that help us open the path to heal, exist, resist and persist, together.

Looking forward to meeting y'all!

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