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We encourage you to be an action taker. The purpose for our meetups is to provide you with the tools to live a better more successful life. We future interesting topics that are all about successful living. This is done through the increase of knowledge. It's with New Knowledge that you handle any state of confusion (problem) Very quickly one will notice a marked increase in the ability of you to survive at higher levels.

Your ability to handle life's problems and increase clear rational thinking will empower you to create a new life. The one you planned on having in the first place.

It's, after all, a person's knowledge and experiences that influence their mental state.

It's one mental state that will serve you or handicap your day to day business of living life well.

There is always a higher level to reach; life is not about reaching a destination of mediocrity or amateurism.

A life worth living and filled with success (Happiness) is about striving to be a better and improved person than you were yesterday and unfortunately this journey never ends.

We are a very active group and we will be regularly posting new meet-ups.

No matter what the problem is something can be done about it.

Happy (successful) people control life, they do not allow life to control them.

ALL things are attainable by anyone who chooses to increase knowledge.

By attending one or more of our meetups you will have the opportunity to experience extraordinary growth in your life skills, mental strength, personal development, business and leadership, family & relationships, health & fitness and spirituality.

Successful living starts (or is enhanced) here.

We now have some 27 meetup organizers who may invite you.

Meetups are held all around town by a diverse group of organizers including at the Life Improvement Centre located within the Church of Scientology.

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Know yourself, Know Life

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Effective Pain Management+ with New Stem Cells Tech Demonstration Meetup

Imagine a cost effective and convenient product that can activate your Stem Cells resetting those cells to a younger healthier state. This would represent a whole new level of vitality with improvements to your energy, sleep, reduction in pain, reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles and support of faster wound healing, just to name a few of the benefits. Benefits can be immediate! Unlike most products, this technology goes to work the minute you apply it. This is the first product ever that is designed to Activate your body’s own stem cells. How do we accomplish this? Using our proprietary and patented form of phototherapy, the technology tool elevates the peptide GHK-Cu that is already in your body This is a naturally occurring peptide that declines significantly with age. In fact, after the age of 60 your levels of GHK-Cu have dropped by more than 60%. Independent third-party clinical studies on GHK-Cu have determined some remarkable benefits including support of the body’s natural wound healing process. Perhaps even more remarkably, GHK-Cu resets the genes in the body to a younger healthier state. In initial clinical work performed by Dr. Loren Pickart, Dr. Pickart discovered that old liver cells, when exposed to GHK-Cu, started to function like younger healthier cells! Over the past 10 years, the research team in San Diego California have been investigating new methods for dramatically accelerating the way in which the human body heals after injury. The discoveries and inventions created have led to more than 70 global patents in the field of regenerative science. Here is another way to express the problem to be solved for. As we age the stem cells in our body become less and less effective. By the time we reach age 60, the stem cells in our body show very little activity, becoming slower and releasing less growth factors that are needed to repair our body. By the time we are in our mid-70’s we are showing almost no stem cell activity at all. This is why people that are older have such a difficult time healing from injury. We now have a simple and workable way to “reset” our own stem cells and get them to start acting like younger, healthier cells. This would be incredibly safe, incredibly effective and extremely inexpensive. Please join us at this meetup as we are sure you will be impressed. If you can not make it to the meeting it's best to join my facebook page and start a chat. https://www.facebook.com/groups/LifewaveX39Patch/

The Cause of Suppression - Why are People Unwell?

Scientology Life Improvement Center

Why are some people unwell in all so many ways more often than others? Why are some accident-prone? Why are people struggling? And is there a reason others live their lives on an emotional seesaw, doing well one day and badly the next? What is behind failed businesses and broken families? What is the cause behind your own unexplained failures and misfortunes. When someone suddenly starts making mistakes or doing stupid things, it is caused by something. Or when one feels happy and well and, for no apparent reason, suddenly starts feeling down. Someone or something made this happen. There is an explanation, and it has nothing to do with the gods, fate or the position of the stars. In fact the actual reason behind these phenomena - and their resolution - will be detailed at our meetup. L. Ron Hubbard was able to see through the complexities of human behavior and discover the underlying factors which explain the phenomenon of suppression in people - for it is suppression by others that causes these seemingly haphazard events. Suppression definition: The actions or activities of squashing, sitting on, making smaller, refusing to let reach, making uncertain about reaching, rendering or lessening in any way possible to the harm of the individual; a harmful intention or action against which one cannot fight back. You will lean the basic understanding on how to recognize people who wish you ill and those who should be your friends . You will learn about the mechanics behind destructive yet commonplace situations and ways to counteract it. It is data that could actually change your life tangibly and instantly, just as it has changed the lives of others. You will also learn why some people you know do poorly in life and how you can help them regain their well-being. Change your life for the better. Attend this meetup Know Yourself, Know Life! Tanja and Michel This free class is open to all people of goodwill. Our meetup free classes contain universal knowledge that is applicable to all of us and can be used by anyone of any faith as well as by those with no faith. It consist of practical tools that can be used straight away. They contain practical TOOLS for better living and will assist you in achieving your goals! If today's date or time is not suited to you than let us know.

Free Meetup Class SELF-CONFIDENCE! The key to your SUCCESS!

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Gain The Confidence to Be Unstoppable! Free Class. How to Achieve Self Confidence! Without question, self confidence is the key to success. It determines how many of your goals you achieve in life and has an enormous impact on your happiness. It affects how people perceive you, your career achievements, your ability to take risks or try new endeavours, as well as your overall attitude toward yourself and others. Self Confidence is something most people would like to have more of, but aren't sure how to get. Did you ever feel more certain of yourself in the past? Would you like to raise your self confidence ? To increase self confidence, you have to understand what reduces it. If you know why this happens you can reverse the situation and rebuild your self esteem. Self Confidence is self-determinism. One's belief in one's ability to determine his own course. As long as one has that, he's go the universe in his pocket. - L. Ron Hubbard. This day you are able to Learn a few things about: • The true source of security in life. • How self-confidence, self respect and self trust interrelate, and what you can do to rehabilitate them. • The exact steps to become more competent in whatever you do. Today's free class will put you into a good position to help you achieve a new level of self-confidence, accomplish more and progress towards a higher level of personal survival. Free parking, Free entree ****** Todays free class is open to all people of goodwill and is held at the Life Improvement Centre located at Scientology. Our meetup classes contain universal knowledge that is applicable to all of us and can and is used by anyone of any faith as well as by those with no faith. Our meetups contain TOOLS for better living and they will assist you greatly in achieving your goals! These practical tools can be used straight away!

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