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Truth or myths?

Are Hollywood romance type movies the right model for developing meaningful relationships? Or are them the exact opposite, disseminating a nonsense notion of what seduction and dating should actually be?

Are relationships meant to last a lifetime anymore? Given that more than half of the marriages end up in divorce and the adultery rate is ever rising, should we expect a lifelong lasting healthy and romantic relationship with our partner(s)?

Is there really only one soul mate for each one of us, +7 billion humans out there?

Are relationships serial monogamy the natural way? Are humans historically monogamous? Is non-monogamy natural?

Living in a globalised tech world, rapid changes in society and culture, longer life spans and other factors - what will relationships look like in the near-future? Where are we heading?

In this meet-up group we’ll openly discuss all these big topics and get into the details in different areas, based in scientifically proven data, statistics, personal experiences and more.

Be part of this experience and let’s build together something brave and new!!

Everyone that is open-minded is welcomed to this group.

About myself: I'm a Portuguese experienced IT trainer and also a certified coacher. I'm very passionate about psychology, human behaviour, self-development and I'm always focused on becoming my best version.

See you soon!


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