Next Meetup

I suggest doing deep zikr and meditation after the regular discussion
.The zikr is the main food for the heart and the soul.There is no way to increase the NUUR''the light''in our hearts without ZIKR.Allah(swt)is asking us to do too much zikr and ''fikr''alert thinking'' with a reasonable selected portion of guided ELM''knowledge''.Discussing spiritual pitfalls is wanted but it shouldn't take too much time.According to our beloved prophet's hadith He peace upon him says''khairul kalaam ma qalla wadall''meaning:SHORT SPEECH IS THE BEST TO TEACH'',and HE (saw) orederd Ibn Omar(r)not to preach a lot but once in a while.Finally,breaking the routeen or''routin'' even a little bit is very much required in order to kill the possibly expected BOREDOM.After all when wanting to teach the others or to guide them the right way we should listen to their opinions and reserve time to cross-examin themto make them feel good,otherwise they they will go..who's responsible????it is us teahers..I owe every body an appology if I have done a tresspassing.Thank you and I LOVE YOU ...Majed

Needs a location